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  1. We went to buy more seed to plant corn and my son came back from the feed store and said 8 pounds was 152.  I thought they cheated him but no, another feed store was the same.  


    I checked the commodities market and sure enough corn is close to $2 a bushel more than it was last fall.  


    Get ready for high everything soon.  Corn is in gas, sweeteners,  cereal, the list goes on.

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  2. I have a very large back yard , but tye tree he is digging the most is right by my pump house.  I don't want a damaged tree by my pump house.  I used the cayenne pepper trick once and it worked.  A dog kept pooping in the church parking lot that was grass instead of cement.  


    I spread red pepper all around the church and out to the road and it stopped.  I will do that in my yard

  3. I have 2 John deere zero turns I got from a John deere dealer.  I have the airless tires on the bigger one.  It rarely gets stuck anymore.  One is a z330 the other is a z930.  I have a lot to cut.  The kids use the little one .  It is so light it rarely gets stuck either I also have a lot of muddy areas so not getting stuck is important.   

  4. Let's not cut others down on either side of the issue.  I just like to post the news without comment as a source of information to be viewed as one sees fit.  


    I will add though that after a doc gave my wife a prescription that caused her to go septic , my view of meds is changing.   The same time it happened to her a friend got the vaccine that survived the virus and got hospitalized from the vaccine.   

  5. Local store called we r arming America has a ruger lcr in 22 mag, looks lightly used.  I told them u would send you a picture in case you want to buy it.  I never shot a ruger double action 22 but have shot their same model in 9mm and it is real good.  They are in vidalia, ga.  I can't post and upload the picture and get their phone number to.  May can post their number shortly.


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  6. I always hated the idea of a red dot since batteries die at the least opportune moment.  I recently picked up a sig with the red dot and the red dot was clear and you could use the normal sights if need be.  


    I found a  s and w m and p that is optics ready.  I want a red dot that has the groove to still use the sights, what else do.i look for?

  7. That's also an advantage of being married for a while,  you get to know each other so well, you know the simple things that brighten their day better than something expensive or elaborate.   

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  8. Sorry to hear that.  51 years sounds like a good marriage.   She is not a red head but was born with auburn streaks in her brown hair.  


    She is still not really slowing down and still has problems with her stomach but I may have stumbled on a solution.   Tonight I gave her a few swallows of red wine and she said it helps.   I imagine the antibiotics killed good bacteria as well.  Wine may help.


    I told her in the morning before she eats, drink red wine.  We will see how it goes.   

  9. being a believer in science since a bowling ball is round I anticipated ricochet. That is why we used a 22.  We also placed it well away from anything.  Sometimes we would use a fat and slow 45acp.  I figured a 9mm was too round and fast moving to be a good idea.  

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