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  1. i have seen foxes before and coyote poop and once a bobcat and once a black panther. the poor male duck keeps calling for her. my 3 dogs must have been out exploring to not have noticed
  2. each day i look to see how my 2 ducks made it through the night. this morning in the midst of the fog I saw both of them. Male and female. An hour ago i looked out again and saw only one and can hear him quacking over and over. usually they are mostly quiet except for chatter among. they are so close to each other that often it looks like one duck is in the pond until they turn and then you can see 2. while ago i saw a trail of white feathers leading into the woods on 2 different cuts in the grass which makes me wonder if it was 2 predators. i have not found any bones as of yet so it must have eaten it or carried it off. when my dogs used to attack my ducks they always hurt them and then left them to die so i figure it was not them especially since they have stopped doing that.
  3. as often happens to the Falcons they fold and every other time the following year they would fight for last place. wonder how it will be next year.
  4. took a shotgun course once and they demonstrated why the pistol grip is not practical. even at close range a miss is likely, verses actually aiming the shotgun with a shoulder stock and hold. having said that there are a lot of people who have not been trained in the use of a shotgun and the accuracy it can achieve that will buy it
  5. My toy store says they are out of stock at the distributer so does anyone have a used 938 in 22LR?
  6. ran into some female Marines on base during AIT and they were also privates but sure were pretty. made me wish i had joined the Marines instead. but then again most girls are pretty when you are 18 and have been away from women for a while in training.
  7. I'm wondering will the patriots underestimate the falcons like green bay did? I'm hoping that they do, I'm also hoping the falcons don't get cocky and take the patriots serious. the last time they went to the bowl they were cocky. the "christian" leader of the team got popped for prostitution, michael vic was cocky like normal and the falcons got their empty plate handed back to them
  8. matter of fact i told her Calico Mary's reply and she laughed just like she did the last time i told her gagas secret. regardless i still do not plan to watch the halftime show. gaga does have a nice voice but so did the sirens that caused ships to crash in the odyssey
  9. then when the big wave comes, lets go surfing! seriously way back in the 1930s before WW2 a very large iceberg broke off and floated down to Australia and eventually melted in the warm pacific waters then new ice formed and is breaking off. its called a life cycle.
  10. lady gaga once said that the secret to her beautiful skin is because she has sex everyday with somebody of some gender or herself. i mentioned that to my wife when she mentioned she wished her skin looked better but i must have spoken it in spanish as i did not see her strive for better skin
  11. The Patriots are not my football team!
  12. i was in when the army switched to 9mm though we went to Iraq with the 45 rattly as it was. the reason was NATO uses 9mm and at that time we envisioned a war with russia and wanted ease of logistics and the ability to have ammo if we picked up an allies weapon. the 1911s in our unit were rattly and worn out and not very accurate. all our officers carried that as did some higher up Bradley commanders and the tank units still carried it and the grease gun in 45 to Iraq.
  13. i know Sig has local factories but it is a foreign company and the speech we just heard said buy American Hire American so i wonder if reconsideration will take place
  14. each time i see it i get puzzled. john wayne's son was kicked out of West Point for failing math and enlisted the next day into the army yet his father mentions him lying about his age to get it. how could he get into West Point and not be old enough for the army?
  15. BTT because a Mosin Nagant is an excellent rifle. I sometimes have hunted deer with a sniper version and it does an excellent job.
  16. I hear tell that he is running toward the town run by sheriff Matt Ryan in Atlanta who has a fairly good arrest record these days.
  17. i think a Falcons / Steelers game would be interesting
  18. i don't know but Atlanta is doing better this year. they taken green bay before.
  19. around here you can renovate without permits, you can build for a $50 permit and no county inspector except for the tax assessor because they want to raise the tax revenue. i decided to totally back off of this one. the friend and her mom both insist she get the home regardless of price and inspection that may be done and its results. i keep telling them it does not help to overpay. thankfully she can't qualify for the full amount. that may be what saves her. sadly though they want me to come up with the difference between the sale price and what she qualifies for. i predict disappointment for them. i just finished renovating a home at the end of my driveway that was under foreclosure. it had 8 acres with it and i wanted to protect it. i knew it had termite and water damage but as we got in it it really got bad. i could have bought another small house for the cost of the repairs but i rent it out and in time hope to give it to one of my children. when i see water damage i start rethinking my purchase unless the seller is willing to work with me. if i run into a seller that will not budge in price nor make repairs i like to walk away.
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