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  1. The impossible burger has more sodium than a real burger so NOOO. I will not eat one and so much so stopped going to burger King when they started pushing it around here
  2. yep, making the pawn shop tours. thus far the only over under are new tristar. mostly used pumps. mostly small towns around here so I guess not a lot of trap shooting goes on.
  3. Orion 7 used to sell an assault rifle version of the garand if you want to know
  4. my children attended the first shotgun team meeting. The coach strongly encouraged an over under . His daughter who placed 4th in the state uses a beretta Vittoria. She demonstrated for everyone. My son likes the 350 hatfield over under. I like the price. My other two have not decided. Stoeger are really heavy so I doubt any go there.
  5. An AR looks more ominous in your hands than a winchester lever action. In a crowd like the looters you may need more than 10 rounds in a 1873 rifle.
  6. I saw an advertisement on Facebook at a local toy store. They have a double barrel 22 magnum revolver that shoots both barrels at once. At first I thought cool, but as I reflect, what if a snake was between both barrels?
  7. Why do the front pockets button like that? Are they on backwards?
  8. We have killed 9 so far. My neighbor up the hill has a pond twice as large as mine and they destroyed his dam completely so now everytime it rains more than an inch my pond runs knee deep on the run around even though I have a run off pipe as well as 3, 6 inch siphones and 2, 9 inch siphons that I installed when I realized he was losing his pond. I was keeping my pond balanced and growing large bass for fishing but I keep losing fish now. He is not one to fix his pond either. When his son in law shot his uncle he let the shooter come to his house and did nothing.
  9. I don't want to give him an AR just yet . On one side of the pond is my cabin and through the woods behind it a house so I want to wait before giving him something that can hit the cabin or a house
  10. sometimes he will hut a beaver 10 times with a 22 before it dies.
  11. He did manage to sneak up on a beaver standing out of the pond to eat a tree on shore and hit him twice with stingers in the chest but it swam away and died later. We had to fish it out a couple of days later
  12. how are these? My son turn 15 next month. He currently uses a ruger 10/22. He wants a little more punch as he hunts beaver and otter in our pond. He is too rough with a scope so needs iron sights and this is the only semi auto 22 mag I can find with iron sights.
  13. I keep a powder measure on each flask based on the gun I use it for. The 1860 has its own as does the walker and muskets. I'm going to get out all of them and see if I grabbed the wrong one. It has been a long time since I fired them.
  14. I prefer the stainless slide as that's the part that shows holster wear.
  15. I got the screw and wedge out and barrel moved just enough for a flat head screw driver, the wedge only goes partially back in. I used the pistol in a much years ago,cleaned it and it sat until now
  16. I tried that with ballistol but maybe wd40 will free it up. I do not see rust as I kept it clean but wondered if the wedge coming loose warped something.
  17. my son wanted to shoot black powder after watching The Blue and the Grey. We fired 5 rounds out of the 1860 and by the end the wedge was loose and it took a while to get it out but can not take the barrel off. It pulls out so the end piece it sits on comes half way through the hole for the wedge but no further nor will the wedge go back in to fire it. Any thoughts? If not I may let it go cheap.
  18. I gave my 10 year old a 22 pistol and he shot the jar of potatoes. Now I can tell my friend that we enjoyed them, if he ask. We enjoyed shooting them that is.
  19. at the way the country is going, I bet if I packaged it with toilet paper I could sell them
  20. Not a joke, they really are 8 years old and he is someone I've been friends with for years but my wife is grossed out by looking at them but I hate to waste food having been starving once
  21. A friend gave me a jar of home canned potatoes from 2012. How long are they edible? They look normal I guess.
  22. I just did this to my wife. She was sitting quietly by me in her recliner on her computer and she jumped a couple of inches out of the chair and turned to look at me and screamed aaahhhhhh. I'm over here rolling with laughter
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