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  1. it was both their idea. They drove around the nearby subdivisions and got cheers from some.
  2. I keep a baseball bat by my bed for bumps in the night.
  3. definitely and he knows I have the cash. we are neighbors. His grandfather used to farm the land I live on. I am glad he did it that way this time as it saved me some money. He gets ornery sometimes. a friend of mine grew up with him and said his father beat the snot out of him regularly. I don't hold it against him. It just saved me money and I really didn't need it. I was just tired of my Sig 1911-22 and wanted something with more rounds.
  4. Last trip up. Feel free to make an offer
  5. I really like the smith and wesson 351pd revolver in 22 mag. Accurate, light, 7 rounds easy to carry.
  6. Better yet, I still have the mossberg 590 with bayonet lug that I carried on duty.
  7. I'll wait until things settle down. I've been through several panic buying periods.
  8. I have bought numerous items from him and he is usually at least 10 % higher than he should be. Sometimes he will come off the 10% , other times he will take off the tax. He knows I will go elsewhere as my son wears the t shirt from the other store into his store. Right now he knows he will sell it. He has been selling 35 guns a day lately.
  9. Yep, that's what I was thinking about. The lawyer had room for one , even loaded with powder only would have solved his problem.
  10. I wonder if a napoleon with canister might be better than the AR.
  11. the rock island 1911 xt22 22 mag would not leave my mind after a couple of weeks. I even bought the required amount and type of round the manufacturer said it prefers for a break in period. I had my doubts but thought if it worked it could replace my sig 1911-22 I keep in the car. I took a single shot hatfield 410 to trade to save money and because I am trying to thin out my collection. They offered me $50 and refused to budge off the 599 for the pistol. I walked out with my 410. I now can put the xt22 in the back of my mind. It was a bad idea anyway as anything it can do, A real 1911 can do better.
  12. on the meme thread it has a meme with a close up picture of the lawyer defending his home from criminals and I noticed he didn't have a bayonet lug on his rifle. If he had a bayonet attached it might have calmed the thugs down sooner. Maybe I should break out my Mosin nagant rifle and attach the spike bayonet just in case.
  13. Why 9 for skeet and 8 for trap?
  14. This virus has made a lot of people afraid . Afraid of their loved ones and maybe even afraid of their own shadow. My mom lives in Missouri near my sister and her family. My sister has boarded up inside her home and won't let me mom come see the 2 grand kids for fear of the virus. My mom is in the so called drop at risk due to age. My sister's boys are both less than 12. She has only let my mom comes once and see them from across the yard on the other side of a fence , once through the storm door since February and finally a couple of weeks ago a couple of hours and was asked by one of the grand kids if she still had the virus. The other times my mom went over there she would drop off groceries at my sister's door and my sister would refuse to eat it until it had sat for at least 24 hours, to make sure it is not contaminated. She never had it, just the usually cold. This week my mom mentioned that she had visited a friend's house and also went to a restaurant once. My sister told her to order her groceries delivered and stay at home by herself or never see her family again. We have allowed fear and her hatred of the president verses my mom's love of the president to cause us to isolate ourselves from those we love. We have allowed fear and hatred to mistreat people. We have let fear suppress our usually logic and ability to reason things out. I have mentioned before her moving back to GA but she balked. She asked me again today so I told her I would look to see what is around. There are hardly any homes for rent or sale right now. I offered to let her stay in a cabin I have as well but she turned it down, and it is small.
  15. I used remington gold hulls for CAS and bought some for my sone who uses an over/under for the same reason, they come out easy. What about for my son who uses a semiauto 12 gauge? I have some winchester featherlights. What is the best ammo for the distance clay shooting involves? The state gives the school Federal but barely enough for practice. Not enough for a match.
  16. Well, at least someone told me they love me yesterday.
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