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  1. saw one in town today. It was 1600. I held it and the butt seemed squared and rubbed right on the pinched nerve in the web of my thumb. I let it go back to the shelf. It was pretty though.
  2. Wasn't that the issue in the book 1984, that 2+2=? Or whatever you were told it was?
  3. I've never seen a bear in my house. That's the best defense for bear. Stay where bears don't go. :-)
  4. That is helpful. Glad we didn't eat the taters.
  5. Last trip up. Feel free to make an offer
  6. the extra magazines are not repro so they are over 100 each
  7. I want to sell my luger. Last time I shot it it did well with 147 grain ball 9mm ammo. All numbers match best i can tell except for the magazine. The magazine that has no base plate came with the gun and could be correct but I don't know. I bought 2 spare magazines and a repro holster. The holster has a takedown tool in it. I want $2,000 shipped. Now 1800 shipped
  8. I gave my 10 year old a 22 pistol and he shot the jar of potatoes. Now I can tell my friend that we enjoyed them, if he ask. We enjoyed shooting them that is.
  9. at the way the country is going, I bet if I packaged it with toilet paper I could sell them
  10. Not a joke, they really are 8 years old and he is someone I've been friends with for years but my wife is grossed out by looking at them but I hate to waste food having been starving once
  11. A friend gave me a jar of home canned potatoes from 2012. How long are they edible? They look normal I guess.
  12. I just did this to my wife. She was sitting quietly by me in her recliner on her computer and she jumped a couple of inches out of the chair and turned to look at me and screamed aaahhhhhh. I'm over here rolling with laughter
  13. i have seen foxes before and coyote poop and once a bobcat and once a black panther. the poor male duck keeps calling for her. my 3 dogs must have been out exploring to not have noticed
  14. each day i look to see how my 2 ducks made it through the night. this morning in the midst of the fog I saw both of them. Male and female. An hour ago i looked out again and saw only one and can hear him quacking over and over. usually they are mostly quiet except for chatter among. they are so close to each other that often it looks like one duck is in the pond until they turn and then you can see 2. while ago i saw a trail of white feathers leading into the woods on 2 different cuts in the grass which makes me wonder if it was 2 predators. i have not found any bones as of yet so it must have eaten it or carried it off. when my dogs used to attack my ducks they always hurt them and then left them to die so i figure it was not them especially since they have stopped doing that.
  15. as often happens to the Falcons they fold and every other time the following year they would fight for last place. wonder how it will be next year.
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