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  1. There are always a lot of if's in a post like this. The class is only as good as the Black Pin giving the class and of course your desire to learn. The way the rules are administered changes from time to time. The RO committee works hard to keep the "what if's" well defined but if your instructor doesn't work to keep up, then ?. However, you as the TO owe the shooter your very best and the best way to deliver your very best is to attend a rules class every time you can. Don't take it from the same instructor each time and ask questions. Attendance will not make you suddenly better but it will allow you to make fewer mistakes. The what's the call questions on the wire should give you a clue that the rules sometimes need a little light shown on them. In my opinion its better to shine that light at the match not on the forum's pages.

    Your mileage may vary.

  2. Actually I do load with a Redding, a good piece of equipment but like any piece of equipment doesn't always under all conditions do a perfect job. Or it can be asked to do a job that it wasn't designed to do, so I'll add a little redundancy to my match ammo and use a gage as well.

  3. Larson, however poorly I said it everyone circumstance is different having a tool that will tell you if a loaded round is to your specifications is for me a money in the bank. Some here may not shoot a lot of out of town matches but the wife and I do. Often traveling to four, five sometimes six matches in a row having a couple of thousand rounds that don't work in one weapon or another doesn't do much for my disposition. As I shoot 38sp in matches I have several gages for 38sp as well several 12ga gages. Also 45acp, 38super, 40s&w. So in my little pea brain gages are cheap insurance against one of the things that can ruin an other wise stellar performance.

  4. One of the things the Wilson case gauge checks in max OAL. That will, of course, not work with the shorter .38s. This should not be a big deal since pretty miuch everyone that handloads has a caliper to check OAL.


    P.S. I have at least ten case gauges. Seldom use them anymore. I use the cylinder from my revolvers. That way you can gauge six at at time. Initially, just make sure the ammo that works in your revolvers works in your rifle. Once you have done that if the ammo goes in your revolvers it will go in your rifle.

    Couple of things, I always gage match ammo - Reasons, length not a consideration in pistol but important to me in rifle. Diameter - too big around will not chamber. Primers - gaging gives me an opportunity to check for high primers. I don't use my pistol chambers because some thing that will work in the Rugers don't always work in the 73's. Of course everyones mileage will vary I'm a lead foot so my match ammo is as close to perfect as I can make it. Practice ammo not, don't have enough time for that.

  5. Its a trade off for me and the trade just wasn't worth it. Coated cost more, perhaps a little cleaner but clean isn't an issue with me. My die's do stay cleaner but the lead I shoot by Bumble Bee bullets doesn't shed lube much and I get 5k plus between cleaning my Dillon dies with them. Big sales point they work though a bullet feeder very well which of course lubed do not. I didn't find them any more accurate than lead in fact slightly less but again not really an issue. Smoke, didn't find much difference at least that I could notice. I did get a comment that they really stank and in fact you can smell the poly burning. I probably will not buy more unless I find an attractive deal once what I have on hand are gone.

  6. I don't post much mostly just read and hang out on the wire but there are a few that I haven't seen in a long time. So I have just wondered what has happened to them.


    Manatee always liked to read his posts

    Doc Shapiro an interesting fella

    Phantom fun to read

    Badlands Bud

    Bud's Dad

    Sixgun Shorty


    There are many more like a gunsmith that always gave nice clear concise posts who's alias I can't remember.

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