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  1. First of all were are you staying, there is the overflow at the main campground Ben Avery. Also SASS was talking about non-hookup sites near the main tent. The overflow can use the dump station at the camp ground and you bum water and maybe electric from the fence riders in the campground. The SASS sites you need to talk to them about the availability of dump and water on site. There is the mid camping area not far from the SASS site and someone would surely let you hook in for water, dumping is harder because of hose lenght.

  2. I was going to stay out of this topic as so many have already posted their opinion. For some people recoil is a real concern and as the most common target for a shotgun is a knockdown 3/4-7/8 loads more than do their job, pattern is not a consideration as the shot is mostly still in the wad at typical knockdown distances. 7/8 oz. loads with claybuster gray do a great job on flyers or AA"s factory low noise low recoil also a 7/8's of an oz. load are deadly on clay targets or other moving targets. The thing some people forget is that a shotgun is still an aimed weapon you must use that little thingy on the end of the barrel and the misses go away.

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  3. As a young Marine I was very pleased when it was announced we would get a 96 hour pass for Christmas. The first shirt was a good guy and set it up so we could squeeze another few hours out of it by giving us until formation on the 28th. I was stationed at Camp Pendleton CA. and decided to go home for Christmas by flying standby, PFC's don't have much money that late in the month. So there I am a skinny little kid in Marine Greens watching planes leave LA with full loads but not me. About noon a flight attendant approached me and asked if I was going to Portland and of course I was. She told me she had a seat but I would have to be very quite. I followed her onto the plane and there in the middle seat of the front row of coach was James Coburn he looked up grunted and moved to the window seat putting the papers he had in the middle seat. The attendant indicated I should sit so I did. As I sat Mr. Coburn said kid I've got to do a couple of scenes tomorrow morning and I want to be home for Christmas so welcome aboard and don't bother me I want to do this as quick as I can. The plane stopped in Portland and then continued on to Seattle, he had kept his nose in the script the whole way except twice when someone asked him to sign a napkin which he did after landing in Portland I thanked him and we shook hands. Why he was in coach rather than first or if he offered the seat to me or the flight attendant asked him for it, I never knew. I always been grateful to Mr. Coburn and the United flight attendant for getting me home for Christmas and proud of the Christmas spirit that lead people to be kind to a 17 year old Marine.

  4. Long ago say early to mid 50's western that may have been filmed in color I think at least my memory is in color. The star of the show was a sway backed horse that could out climb, out run and out think everyone. Anyone remember and have a title? I would lie to watch it again if its out there.

  5. Creeker, what I said was in jest. Speaking for myself, you set the targets up and take them down then polish that up with telling me my score and maybe feeding me too. Heck man I'm all smiles far, near, up, down, large, small I'm shooting that's all I'm looking for. Well, the great company you find at Dam Site is a big attraction as well. Put all that with the good stage descriptions makes for an above average match.

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