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  1. I just got 100 used Magtech brass off of Gun Broker and the seller had more.
  2. The primer division of Remington was sold to another party during the bankruptcy auctions. So, Remington no longer makes ammunition or primers. At least, that is my understanding.
  3. Of course, for SASS use it depends somewhat on the rifling. The 1894 CB has ballard rifling which has deeper grooves and is best for the lead rounds we shoot. The regular 1894 has micro-groove rifling which is better suited for jacketed rounds. The regular 1894 is worth between $700-$750. Personally I prefer the 1894 CB for our game and such value it more.
  4. That is why I bought my slide action rifle , 1911, and 97, alas not to be used again. All of the Wild Bunch Matches in my neck of the woods have ceased to exist.
  5. Does this drop the bullet at precisely 323-324? Otherwise one will need to lubrisize them before loading.
  6. Or, God wiling and the creeks don't rise. Good for them and I wish them the best of luck in this endeavor. Hopefully, someone has learned from their past mistakes and will concentrate on Quality Control and manufacturing what the people are asking for in the market place.
  7. I taught welding for 19 years, but would not dare touch some ones SKB, Stoeger maybe.
  8. Maybe they could rotate them a little?
  9. Now that is a list that will definitely come in handy down the trail.
  10. Maybe they will lower the price of the single action revolvers where the average Joe might almost be able to afford one let alone two. They would sell a bunch just based on the Colt Name.
  11. I was right there with you until you hit the Beer part. As I don't partake of any alcoholic beverages, I would call for a cold sarsaparilla. I personally do not like vertical staging of the long guns. In this case, I would have handed the broken firearm off. Of course, I am not a fast shooter and this would slow down your stage time.
  12. I have mailed a check these. As I have yet to shoot a BAMM Match and only know of two matches that offer this match as a side match, I really don't need 425 of these.. So, BAMM Shooters needing a lead bullet for the 7.92x 57 (8mm), let me know if you would like some of these.
  13. The SASS Mercantile offers a badge holder made by Mernickle.
  14. Yes, just pull out on the trigger housing and it comes apart.
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