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  1. Some are, some aren't. I have a former student who is the general manager of a tire store. He lets me have the used wheel weights for nothing. I just have to pick them up and carry them to the truck. I then have to sort through them to sort out the zinc, steel, and lead. Some have codes stamped on them which are dead givaways for content. The others you have to check for content.
  2. I have five and various barrel lengths and shoot all off hand. In my younger years I shot the 32 inch bull barrel in competition. I am now in my 70s and prefer the shorter barrels.
  3. If there are no unforeseen issues, I will take this shotgun. Frontier Lone Rider
  4. This shooting event will make a better Christmas for some local youth. It has to make one feel good about this whole positive process.
  5. AND, no one actually saw Moose Tracks dancing along under the sunshine. Yes, what a beautiful day to shoot. Seamus, as a black powder shooter yesterday, I didn't see that breeze very often, But, after such as fun day, I have no complaints. Thank You, Bubba and crew for all that you do. I am not sure, but did Angie grow a beard as the ribbons were being handed out? Frontier Lone Rider
  6. I keep trying to sign-up for that "Fun Category", but no one seems to offer that one. So, I guess I will just have to sign-up for the "Old and Slow Category", it seems to keep growing. Frontier Lone Rider
  7. Oh, but you know how these people lie. What other job could one have, be wrong 50% of the time and keep their job. I agree with Coffinmaker, I will be happy if it in the high 40s and overjoyed if it makes it to the 50s. Those 60s may not arrive until the afternoon. Frontier Lone Rider
  8. Thanks for that info C.J. Now I have some decisions to make.
  9. I also have a Taurus Thunderbolt, 26 inch brushed nickel barrel, 45 LC, which I bought to shoot Wild Bunch. It works flawlessly, however the 45LC allows blowback. Every time you fire, it spits in your face. They say a 44-40 works better. I bought it used, so I have never considered sending it back. Plus, I could not in good conscious pass it off onto another shooter.
  10. You can't beat that price and a nice looking cart.
  11. I seem to have a stockpile of everything, so I have been giving primers to younger shooters and loaning ammo to folks in my club who will pay me back once they can find ammo.
  12. I didn't pay any attention to that dolls nose or dolls chin (whichever) until I started to use my Fox at a match. When I went to load on the clock, I thought where did that come from. I sold the Fox and now use a Stoeger.
  13. West Virginia, you call the FBI direct and it takes 5-10 minutes, most times less. Of course, that includes their coffee break time. The telephone call only has to go about twelve miles up the road as the FBI Center is located in West Virginia. In WV if you have a CCW the selling FFL can elect not to do the call to the NICS. No phone call required. Fill out normal paperwork and you're out the door.
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