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  1. I had this happen, it was the base pin issue.
  2. It is sad, but this is the world in which we live. I was looking for an enclosed trailer to leave at our range where we could store our targets, etc. Boy, was I surprised at all of the scams coming on Craig's List with all sorts of trailers. After awhile their stories start to sound very familiar. If it is too good, it probably a scam. I finally drove 3 1/2 hours to buy a used trailer from a Boy Scout Troop. It benefited them and we will definitely will use it at our range.
  3. These are fine rifles. I have the Pedersoli Quigley model in 45-70 and as Hillbilly Drifter says, they are quite the shooter. Frontier Lone Rider
  4. I shoot both. The only time I notice a difference is at the Loading Table.
  5. I used a plastic soda bottle shoved in upside down to get the shape.
  6. As I went out to my truck Saturday Morning there was these white fluffy things falling from the sky. My truck and front yard had turned white, so I turned back into my cave. Mother nature had decided to let it snow in the West Virginia Mountains. The temperature was borderline chilly at Tusco, but driving three hours through the snow was not going to happen. I plan to be there at the next roundup.
  7. Are these a drop in part or does the new bolt need a gunsmith to fit it to get the timing correct? I had an extractor break off my Taylors.
  8. Around here when we have this happen to sights, anything that fits into a dovetail, we use a thin piece of brass sheet under the sight, tube, scope rings, etc. Brass comes in different thicknesses and pards around the range always seem to have the size I need. Plus, you are not re-shaping or ruining anything.
  9. I shoot 200 grain bullets in 44-40 and I can't see the targets a lot of the time. I am not fast, so I rely on a lot of luck.
  10. I did too. I thought it was the shotgun, but when I changed to a different brand of shot shells, no problem.
  11. My buddies rib is separating from the barrels. It has not been fixed yet. I have an early Supreme Model that has 24 inch barrels. Even though I have purchased two more that were advertised as being the Supreme, they are not the same. But, the forearm developed a crack which allowed the hardware to shift. This is a part of the cocking mechanism. Stoeger said they could or would not help me. I had to go to other vendors to purchase a new forearm. I have bought three new forearms, but none fit correctly and reset the shotgun. It is now in the closet.
  12. I bought several when they were available. I put the larger ones on the seat of my two shooting stools, as they all look very similar. I put them on my gun carts, of which I have six, I loan gun carts out to new shooters. I put them on my brass buckets and my scenario and scoring clipboards. But, I never put them on my vehicle. I did buy two of the larger magnetic ones, I just never put them on my truck. Frontier Lone Rider
  13. One can use a full size refrigerator or a smaller apartment refrigerator for storage. You can put a low watt light bulb inside to keep it dry. We use to store welding rods in one with the light bulb to keep them dry for use. You can purchase a small apartment refrigerator in college towns for $10 - $15 used.
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