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  1. I passed on one for $500 a couple of years ago, must have been a senior moment. They have since tripled in price. I already had the two Vaqueros in 32 H&R and have been looking for the Marlin 1894 to match for the last couple of years. I thought I might use these when I get too old to shoot my 38spls. Scarlett's is nice, but it was more than I was willing to pay. If I remember correctly, it was between $1500 and $1800. But, I have seen others that have sold in that ball park.
  2. At Tuscos' High Noon we not only separate women from men, but also Black Powder from Smokeless and in the Single Shot, ejectors from extractors. And yes, I volunteered to manage the Long Range for this match.
  3. I use the nickel in those matches that turn out to be lost brass matches. Plus, at those ranges where the grass or ground covering makes it harder to see the brass. Otherwise it is the brass ones for me.
  4. Is there a listing somewhere with all of the different committees and the committee members?
  5. Luckily this match was cancelled. It might have been bright and sunny at Tusco today, but it is 22 degrees and snowing here in the mountains of West Virginia today.
  6. I have a nickle one in 45LC. Many of the Taurus in 357 or 38spl just would not run correctly. Everyone said run it like you stole it. My 45LC ran just fine, but with a straight case, it spit in my face. If it had been 44-40, it might have been just fine. I still have it in a safe someplace. Just couldn't use it as a tomato stake. My advice, do not buy at any price.
  7. I like em. You do good work.
  8. I just know that every time I pull the trigger, my Cattleman IIs in 44-40 go bang. I have a pair of American Regulators, a pair of Cattleman IIs, a pair of case Hardened Vaqueros and a pair of SS Vaqueros all in 44-40. I use these all for black powder. I shoot other Vaqueros in 357 as my main match revolvers. They all go bang, every time.
  9. I have three, two fake and one real, so to speak. I bought a fake one from Johnny Meadows and he let me know, before the purchase, that it was not a true hammered model.
  10. If only that could be possible. Or...promises, promises.
  11. My first 1874 was a 45-90. I did not reload yet and found the 45-90 quite expensive for me to shoot. I discovered the ammunition for the 1874 45-70 was far cheaper. Plus, I started reloading for the 45-70. Five 1874s in 45-70 later I discovered the 1885 in 45-70. Then, I picked up a couple 1885s in 38-55 and that is now my go-to caliber of choice. I didn't notice any difference in the recoil. Of course, the 45-90 having a 32 inch bull barrel may have helped with that. Pick what you want and go have fun.
  12. As far as rifles made by Uberti goes, I have Uberti, Cimarron, EMF in 1873 and 1866. I also have Uberti and Cimarron 1885s. Other than the name stamped on the barrel, they all function the same for me.
  13. Two years ago I decided I would like to shoot some black powder. I purchased an 1866 in 44-40 with a 24.25 inch barrel to start. I thought if one is going to shoot black powder, then you should be shooting one of the original cartridges, thus the 44-40. I installed a PGW Super Short Stroke Kit, bought 2 revolvers in 44-40, but did not reload black powder shotgun shells. Thanks to Hooligan Howes, I now have black powder shells. I bought two more 1866s rifles. I discovered that one is a carbine, so I installed another PGW Super Short Stroke Kit in it last night. I bought two new Uberti Cattleman IIs in 44-40, but couldn't get them as smooth as my Vaqueros. So, I bought two blue Vaqueros in 44-40. Then I found two stainless Vaqueros in 44-40 and had to have those also. So, does the 1866 lend itself to shooting black powder, I surely hope so. We load them heavy and let the smoke roll. I am not a fast shooter either, but I do have fun. F. Lone Rder
  14. I refinished mine by taking them and buying sets of checkered grips from Dawg. Problem solved.
  15. Hey, I never claimed to be perfect. I am also friends with Hooligan for crying outloud.
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