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  1. That is exactly what I used for my first cart and they are still like new. I found that a game carrier from Cabelas does not work so good in the woods, thus the wheels came off to become part of a range cart.
  2. I also have the stubby from Brownells. I bought four tips recommended for Vaqueros and keep these on my gun cart. I also carry the standard Brownells holder on the cart. I use whichever one fits the bill for what I am doing on the range. I use my complete set if I am doing anything at home.
  3. There was so many pards there, I thought I would have to park in the next county, but we all had fun. Plus, a great lunch to be had by all. Also, thanks to those who helped set-up and tear down.
  4. Well there goes the neighborhood. Ifn I don't get lost again, I will be there just to make a lot of noise and smoke. Plus, have a good lunch. It doesn't take much to make me happy.
  5. Hooligan is correct. I did not read your post correctly. In my brain, I read Pistol and did not see the Lever Action Part. The targets will be set as far out as possible, next to the back berm, as that is as far away as we can place them. Last year the Firing Line was moved out from under the cover to the open field. That way we will not be behind any of the participants shooting the Plainsman Match on the next stage. We use the same target for the Lever Action Big Bore, the Lever Action Revolver Caliber, and the Rifle Caliber Single Shot Rifle. I hope this information helps. Frontier Lone Rider
  6. I I am not sure for this year as yet. Bubba and Dawg have the targets set by the time I get there. I live 3 1/2 hours from the range. Last year the Revolver Target was set at 50 yards.
  7. Correct. When I have observed this, the shooter places the 1st revolver back on the prop, then continues to shoot the 2nd revolver and re-holsters both at the end of the string.
  8. To add... I was told if the revolvers were the last firearm in the stage that they could be staged on the prop? Here, if one elected to shoot the revolvers last, then no issue.
  9. Track of the Wolf carries both the old and the new stating small screw or large screw and explains how to tell the difference by the serial number.
  10. Or, In Basic (1970) when it fell through the hole in the latrine. They didn't mention the 170 Rule as it was fished out of the muck.
  11. Track of the Wolf has the gates, I am not sure about the screws. Brownells Midway USA
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