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  1. I decided to start shooting some black powder matches last fall. I wanted to use an old caliber so I went with 44-40. I found a used 66 in 44-40 and two American Regulators (made by Uberti) in 44-40. Since I enjoyed the experience I bought two new Uberti Cattleman IIs. I have filed and upgraded the springs in the Ubertis, but I still can't get them to feel as smooth as my Vaqueros. I have been looking for Vaqueros in 44-40 as I like the feel and smoothness of the Rugers. I have one Vaquero coming, but haven't found a second one as yet. I couldn't believe the raising prices of the Vaquero in 44-40. Evidently Ruger has quit producing the Vaquero in 44-40 or so I have been told.
  2. Go to the Williams Sight page on the internet. You will have options at reasonable prices.
  3. I remove the peep sight, but leave the base and buy a Williams Sight Blade which makes it SASS legal. If the rifle has an ejector, don't use a raised tang sight as the ejected casing will hit the sight. If it has an extractor, both types will work.
  4. Nothing saved here by membership in 15 years.
  5. +2 to Hooligan. Hooligan I bought some more Winchester 209 Primers today.
  6. Initially we added ours for identification. Just starting out, we had started a new club and about eight of us had purchased identical rifles. Adding different butt pads aided us in knowing which rifle was whose without checking the serial number.
  7. So, if you are going to sell the 38-55 barrel let me know and I might be able to take it off your hands. I do not have a 44 Magnum barrel to trade. But, I do shoot at Tusco and we might be able to come to terms at the next match. I do have the 45-70 barrel. Frontier Lone Rider
  8. I will take #1, the solid blue one. Let me know how you want me to forward the funds.
  9. Excuses, excuses. I am sure she would understand if you were just a little late picking her up or letting her down.
  10. For your information I am a member, as my post shows. As are most of those that I shoot with at these clubs. I also attend regionals and state level matches. I also run or assist in running parts of these matches. The posted question was why some clubs are unaffiliated. I gave some reasons. I didn't get personal or state anything derogatory or belittling of anyone's' decisions.
  11. We do through another club. That is a decision each club has to make.
  12. What does a small club get from SASS other than the Hand Books and the listing? Initially SASS charged $100.00 to be affiliated, but has since lowered that to $50.00. I personally started a small club and paid all of the expenses out of my pocket. I provided the targets, tables, score sheets, brochures, etc. SASS had advertised that the club would get promotional materials, a flag, and the listing. We did get a listing eventually after a couple of corrections. A club has to have a Territorial Governor that will claim the club, a certain amount of insurance, funds to pay the local or sponsor, etc. There are several nonaffiliated clubs that are doing just fine. Most of the members do not attend large matches and are happy just shooting locally.
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