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  1. Did Remington go with the Micro Groove with these new rifles rather than the Ballard? I prefer the Ballard, especially for the lead bullets.
  2. Stoeger has changed their design for the Coach Gun Supreme over the years. My 1st Coach Gun Supreme had 24 inch nickel barrels and very pretty AA Grade of Wood in the stock and forearm. It started mis-firing last year, so I had to replace that shotgun. I have purchased eight new supremes over the years, but none of them are of the grade of my 1st one. The barrels are 20 inch, the wood is not nearly as pretty, and they just seem not to be made as well.
  3. Talk about a perfect Cowboy Shooting Day, today at Logan's Ferry was just that day. The weather forecast in WV called for rain showers and possible quarter inch hail. But, that did not materialize at Logan's Ferry. Dirt Slider and Dusty Lady have worked hard to put on a first class match. Not to mention the cinnamon rolls Dusty Lady baked this morning for our snack. The shooters today had a great time and surely will return for more. Lone rider
  4. I just bought a military grade pallet jack and move any of my five whenever I please.
  5. You had almost a whole second! Just a sneeze can be the difference.
  6. Prairie Dawg, This is off topic, but my son lives in Irvine, CA. When we go to visit we land at the John Wayne Airport. They have a big Bronze statue of the Duke in the lobby. I always have my wife take my picture by the Duke. Lone Rider
  7. Don't get me wrong Prairie Dawg, there was nothing wrong with the stage or scenario, just my aim, twice. Lone Rider
  8. Thanks Bubba. We both made it home safely and plan to return. There is definitely a positive shooting atmosphere at Tusco which makes for a happy day and fun stages.
  9. ++ You beat me home, but you cheat. You have your sweetheart with you to keep you awake during the drive. I shot clean, except for that dang blasted 5th stage.
  10. As I told Hooligan, I may be rusty or am I just slow, but I will be there.
  11. I have replaced three. I started with a stoeger Supreme Coachgun about seven years ago. It started misfiring and I discovered the forearm was cracked from the back to the front. This allows the metal to slide forward and thus does not cock the hammer. I bought a used replacement and it started splitting after two matches. I bought a new replacement and it doesn't come close to fitting the barrels. I have ordered another forearm, but in the meantime broke out two new Stoegers that I had in the safe. The forearm looked pretty, but didn't holdup.
  12. What a coincidence, there was Kay, then Seamus, and another Seamus. There on the left was Sixgun Seamus incognito in fancy dress and to the right, the real Sixgun Seamus. The vote is still out on which is the best looking Seamus.
  13. And I, on the other hand, am a 52 inch waist. Looks like a very nice rig Drifter.
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