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  1. Somebody will be getting some fine Ruger’s there, Three Cut out of NC is one of the best!
  2. Is the action tight on that shotgun?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Rob Banks SASS #59528

      if for any reason the sale falls thru please give me a call,,,, Rob Banks 714-206-6893

    3. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

      Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

      Will do, but I believe he's going to get it 



    4. Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Thanks for the reply.

  3. Competition Timers all the way, I like the Pocket Pro 2, especially for practice when you want to review splits( pain on a pact) Our club used Pact's for years there customer service was lacking at best, (they broke quite a bit )we finally phased them out AO
  4. Good to hear, Wish I could of made it ! AO
  5. As Chance mentioned we had the T&R Ranch they did the W3G matches also WVC the Orlando Club did them for a while, unfortunately folks thought like Blackey Cole mentioned they were afraid to try it because you could move and shoot and figured it would mess them up for SASS matches but it's totally different than SASS,W3G you cannot see all targets unless you move in SASS targets are in front , It was fun and nothing to be worried about AO
  6. Lots of good advice Uberti 73 in 357 / 38 18.5" - 20" barrel Rugers 357 / 38 with 4 5/8 or 5 1/2 " barrels Skb or 97 win or get both Good competition leather Your budget should be able to get you everything, Good Luck AO
  7. Your PM is full. I'll buy the pair of China Camps for $1850. email me at krihanek@swbell.net

  8. sent you an IM regarding your China camps...lMk thanks

  9. sent you an IM regarding your China camps...lMk thanks

  10. Could I have some pictures of the Ruger 32's for sale.

    Thank you,Murf barbersean@sureweswt.net

  11. Owner said he wanted $225 + shipping,I dont know if this makes a difference but belt size stamped on belt is 45-48,I measusured 44 to tightest hole 49 to largest

  12. I will check with owner,let u know later.

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