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  1. So when you put good CAS shooters against cops or other disciplines the CAS shooters usually win, wonder why that is.
  2. The way we load our guns for SASS , not having a T bar should not be a issue.
  3. I’ve met Longhunter a couple of times super nice guy and one heck of a shooter, etc. Here is my take I’m out of Florida, every once in awhile we incorporate the world record stage, the fast guys liked it somewhat but the majority of the shooters hated it, so that’s what I think about when sitting up a match, people spend a lot of money to make their rifles fast and they want to be able to make them sing. So I think Phantom’s position holds a lot of water on this thread and the one about EOT stages. Gun mods I’m no lawyer but the transfer bar removal is for dependability not to make the gun faster. Colt Faro said Matt Black’s Ruger’s still have transfer bars in place, Deuce Stevens has said he does care for the short stroke for me personally the splits are about the same, between SS & not for Rugers. The 73 has a lever safety the 66 did not come with one. I don’t like a manipulation match but you can have a happy medium and keep the majority who basically pay for the matches to keep them going. AO
  4. If I could not pull 4 I would do the two from right like Widder, the split can be so much quicker than over the top especially if your only pulling two
  5. I watched the videos from EOT, what a great shooter. Lefty & His dad Missouri Traveller shot with at GA ST a couple years ago great people ! AO
  6. Not trying to be a smart a$$ but this should be a easy call. AO
  7. Competition Timers are my pick, we’ve used the Pact at our club for a long time but when the speaker/buzzer goes bad they just want to buy a new, basically if anything happens they want you to buy a new one, If Pact gets wet forget it, the Competition ones dry out and are fine. Also reviewing splits, par, changing settings ,menus I’ll take Competition 2 any day. Competition Timers have really treated my club right. AO
  8. Is the action tight on that shotgun?

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    2. Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Rob Banks SASS #59528

      if for any reason the sale falls thru please give me a call,,,, Rob Banks 714-206-6893

    3. Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

      Arcadia Outlaw SASS#71385

      Will do, but I believe he's going to get it 



    4. Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Rob Banks SASS #59528

      Thanks for the reply.

  9. Competition Timers all the way, I like the Pocket Pro 2, especially for practice when you want to review splits( pain on a pact) Our club used Pact's for years there customer service was lacking at best, (they broke quite a bit )we finally phased them out AO
  10. Good to hear, Wish I could of made it ! AO
  11. As Chance mentioned we had the T&R Ranch they did the W3G matches also WVC the Orlando Club did them for a while, unfortunately folks thought like Blackey Cole mentioned they were afraid to try it because you could move and shoot and figured it would mess them up for SASS matches but it's totally different than SASS,W3G you cannot see all targets unless you move in SASS targets are in front , It was fun and nothing to be worried about AO
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