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  1. My case feeders are older, two speed 120V supply. I have a meter on my house that can measure live load. When I turned the case feeder on, high speed, no cases in the feeder just the motor turning the feed plate, my electric draw went up 165 watts.
  2. The main part that fires the primer is available online. Look up 12 Gauge Trip Wire Alarm, available on Amazon and other vendors. Plunger box would need to activate the alarm, not very difficult to do. It is a cool prop, nice job building it.
  3. I still have one pair of woman’s pants for sale. Number 14 was just a reference number from an old classified ad. $20 shipped in usps flat rate padded envelope. Going to list again soon. women’s size 11 inseam 32 shows some wear and discoloration, bottom 4” of legs inside.
  4. I had the same issue with my shotgun. The ramp inside the forearm that cocking levers ride on was worn and when cocked it wasn't properly setting the sear and trigger. It was only catching the leading edge. Vibration upon closing the action dropped the hammer, subsequently fired the round. Found the problem by removing the stock so I could see the action when cocking. Had the ramps welded to add material, filling in the worn area. Hasn't happened again in the last 12 years.
  5. Years ago I combined both parts of Larsen E Pettifogger's article on swapping the triggers on a Stoeger double barrel. His article shows, in detail the trigger swap and is helpful if you want to do other work or cleaning of your Stoeger. This was before all past Chronicles were available on Sassnet.com and many had limited internet speed. The PDF I shared on my Google drive was much smaller than Chronicle files. This year I received numerous requests for access to my drive file. For account security I have removed sharing. The articles can be found in the 2009 November and December Chronicles found at this link. Both segments start on page 40 each month. https://sassnet.com/resources/cowboy-chronicle
  6. Let him have his fun, he seems to enjoy it. May get a little nasty when someone exposes his intentions. BTW, Creeker I don't need a "safe place" never did, I stand firm against oppressive behavior, out in the open. And the $4 increase isn't the real issue for me. I donated much more than that to a candidate running for office in my state. Hope we're successful getting him in office. Have a good evening, I'm getting my gear ready for Sunday's match. JSS
  7. Just informing members of the increase I encountered today. It may not be an increase in dues but perhaps an added fee to pay online. I don't know! I didn't post to bitch about a $4 increase, maybe you need a snickers bar! Or do you just wait for someone to kick to get your jollies? SASS bullies will have their fun, berating for their own enjoyment or to make them feel superior. Have at it, enjoy your day!
  8. Maybe just needs a good cleaning. As recommended remove the stock and clean out the action. If it is not cocking the hammer properly the ramp engaging cocking levers may be worn. The ramp is on the rear of your forearm. Detailed photos can be found in a 2 part article on swapping triggers in SASS Chronicle November and December 2009. https://www.sassnet.com/resources/cowboy-chronicle
  9. I saw this on Jackson Hole Gang's facebook group Wednesday, thought a NJ member would mention it on the wire, but haven't seen anything yet. I didn't know him but his knowledge about reloading, shooting black powder and links he shared about reloading were helpful to me. My condolences to his family and friends, JS Sooner
  10. I use different loads in rifle and pistol. Small leather bags for each stage. Pack them up before the match, grab one of each when I get my guns.
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