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  1. I like the longer barrels, hope they bring back the 24 inch barrel I
  2. I shoot a single trigger Fox and have for many years, love this gun
  3. I have a pair of the Ruger Blackhawk,s in 10mm/40S&W Have not been able to shoot them much due to the shortages in ammo & primers, I do like the 10mm and have several
  4. I have 2 Uberti 73's, 2 66's, a Henry Repeating Arms 1860 in a mix of 45 Colt and 44-40 and have not bee slicked up But my pair of go to guns are Marlins in 357 and they have been slicked up
  5. Not an 86, but Marlin makes an 1895 ( I think that is the model) with a 16 inch barrel
  6. I had a problem with one gun I purchased from them Sent it in and had it back in less than 48 hours.
  7. I will not load ammo for others, due to the liability that comes with doing so Without Insurance, and a license It is just not worth the headaches that could come with it
  8. I have cast my own bullets for many years, and have made my own alloys depending on the need. I enjoy doing it, but plan to buy my lead already mixed from a couple of places I have found on the web The one thing I will point out is by the time you buy your lead and pay for your molds and other equipment and figure your time it's cheaper to buy your bullets
  9. I have the Lee Shaver sight on my pedersoli Sharps, it works well On my 86 I added the same sight as is on my Browning 45-90 Hi-Wall
  10. I started with the Lee pots many, many years ago Have owned several lee pots, still have one and they all either dripped or just ran like a water hose Use it to pre melt the lead for my Lyman and RCBS pots Even had 2 Ballisti- Cast machines for several years. Was turning out 4000 bullets an hour 6 days a week and could not keep up with sales But for hand casting the Lyman was my go to pot over the RCBS
  11. I find the Saeco steel molds to be some of the best. We ran them and the H&G, RCBS, and Lyman molds on casting machines The Saeco molds lasted the longest and were casting good bullets lone after the others were done If you go with the Lee, the 6 cavity molds are the best for the money
  12. I have shot at many clubs using rebar stands, in fact I helped build many of the stands these clubs. Never had an issue with splatter or bounce back
  13. Lumpy, I have one of the Winchester/Jap 86's as well. I put the same tang sight on it as came with my Win./Jap. High Wall 45-90 By the way Past recoil shield works very well to cut down on recoil
  14. I have 2 Grandsons. The oldest will be 3 on the 27th. the other one will be a year old 1st. day of March The older one's middle mane is Henry and has had a Henry made 1860 for about 2 years. In fact Papa was babysitting one day and had to get into the safe. Henry stood in the open door and reached out to the Henry and said mine and he had never seen the gun before. Now my problems the other Grandson, his middle mane is Harley
  15. I found a nice Fox single trigger gun, and have used it for many years. Have been asked many times why I don't cut the 26" barrels down, but it just works so nice I'm going to leave it alone
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