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  1. As already stated above the 30-30 will work fine at most ranges out to 150-200 yards I will second HD, to load cast bullets you will need an M die neck expander
  2. May happen my next match, but I have been shooting Marlins for years and never had the Marlin jam
  3. Welcome to the club, this August will make 53 years since we stood before the Preacher the 1st. time Wanted to surprise her and do it again for our 50th, but had to wait a year to get some of her Family in attendance And it was still a surprise
  4. I have several 1911 mags Mec-gar, Kimber, Springfield, Sig and Wilson and they all work great
  5. I have one on order, but not for CAS I plan to use in with a reenacting group I belong to Should work great and look good in our skits
  6. I use TB and 200 gr. bullets works for me Most shooters will not notice any difference in recoil between the 160 gr bullets and the 200 gr I shoot GF and even with 255 gr. bullets and on the clock I don't notice a difference,
  7. Due to not being able to walk or stand long I built a gun racl on the back of a 4-wheeler and used it for many years Then I got a Polaris Ranger and built a rack in the back to haul our guns while the Ranger is a little big, at times the rest of the posse loads their carts on my trailer and away we go
  8. I always have free hazmat from Midway, it's just about a mile and a half by road
  9. Stump Water I never learned to post pics, YET Trailrider some times you just have to go another direction And J-Bar This one will look good alongside my 3" 686 +, my 3" 629, and my 61/2 " & 4" 610's (love those 10mm guns) Had Ron Powers tune the 61/2" 10 When he was done he test fired it and was cutting weeds out back of his place For a while I was thinking I may not get it back
  10. Length is a personal choice I have 20" rifles and shotguns, but shot a 24" Marlin and a 24" 73 My go to shotgun is a 26" Fox, it just handles better swings and stops just right
  11. I was in the toy store thinking about a pair of 44-40's, but this S&W model 25 in 45 Colt just had to have a new home
  12. Had this happen to me at the Mo state match a few years ago Finished 2nd. in Silver Senior GF and won the Mo state championship , the 1st. place winner was from Tx.
  13. The thing you have to watch is the as worn part of the rule. When I first started making my own leather I made a couple of cross draw holsters with 30 degree angles When worn they were closer 45 degrees I second Phantom, stay with a 10 degree angle
  14. I have the CZ hammered gun, and shoots as good as it looks. But, I went shopping last week and came home with a Springfield EMP 9mm, and a Sig 1911 TacOps 10mm
  15. As I remember several years ago some of the local USPSA/IPSC clubs had to stop using black & red paint on targets This was due to complaints of teaching shooters to shoot certain colors of (People)
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