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  1. I would be skeptical of a FFL or ammo supplier that does not accept a credit card or some other form of electronic payment. There have been a number of posts here about ammo and reloading suppliers selling things significantly cheaper than the going rate for primers and research has shown that the address listed either does not exist or is linked to an abandoned building.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Authentic-Gurkha-Kukri-Knife-Handicraft/dp/B074LYMXBQ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=EGKH+-+12"+Blade+World+War+II+'The+Survival+Alive'+Kukri+Full+Tang+with+Brown+Leather+Sheath-Handmade+by+EGKH+Kukri+House+in+Nepal&qid=1637240651&sr=8-1
  3. For informational purposes only here are some links to what I believe are kukri makers based in Nepal: http://www.himalayan-imports.com/ http://www.khukurihouseonline.com/ This appears to be the same maker with two slightly different websites https://egkukrihouse.com/ https://www.nepalkhukurihouse.com/
  4. There are several makers based in Nepal and there are a multitude of copies, good and bad from probably 12+ makers in the US & Canada. I went through Amazon, partly because of their rating system and partly because they much better at running a website (due to language differences) than some of the makers in Nepal.
  5. The build quality appears to be very good. Real kukri's made in Nepal (as opposed to tourist or copies made in Nepal, India or wherever) usually have differential heating treating, so the edge is harder than the rest of the knife. Supposedly they are made out of car or truck suspension leaf springs with Mercedes being preferred.
  6. One is a small utility knife (Karda). It's not very sharp....yet. The other is has no edge (Chakmak) and is used for sharpening the kukri
  7. I got the SE back in the summer when the battery on my 6 would no longer hold a charge with re-charging every night despite limited use. I skipped the facial rec and finger print unlock options. I find the 4 digit password more secure against the average person.
  8. I decide to buy a kukri with a 12" blade for actual use. I ordered it on Amazon from a maker in Kathmandu, Nepal on 10/30. It took about 14 days for them to process the order and make the kukri. It was delivered to FedEx for shipping on 11/15, arrived in Memphis for customs clearance on 11/16, arrived at my local FedEx hub this morning and arrived at my door by 11 am today. I've also gotten spices from Istanbul, Turkey, books from South Africa and oddly enough, CR123 batteries from the island of Tonga. On edit as a response to existing and/or future questions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kukri
  9. Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Battle_of_Guadalcanal A series of surface actions between November 13th and November 15th. The first battle was a savage surface action between 2 Japanese battleships and their escorts against a scratch task force of American cruisers and destroyers. At least one American destroyer machines gunned the bridge of the battleship IJN Hiei injuring the Japanese Admiral in command of the task force. The second battle was almost as savage 1 Japanese battleship, 4 cruisers and 9 destroyers against another scratch task force of the battleships USS Washington & USS South Dakota and 4 destroyers, chosen because they had the most fuel in their tanks. It was the only time in WWII that US modern battleships would face an enemy battleship in direct combat. For those wanting a more in depth account of the battle should read Neptune's Inferno by the late James Hornfischer
  10. Being forced to listen to modern "country" and most other modern main stream music should be considered a crime against humanity.
  11. If you have a new or like new piece of .357 brass, you can remove much of the carbon by pushing the EMPTY case in and out of the chamber or chamber of a gun
  12. Chantry


    I'm not familiar with the word recipe when it comes to cooking. My chili will vary depending on my mood and what's on hand, but in general, it's the following 4-6 pounds 85% or 90% ground beef 4-5 boxes of Jones breakfast sausage chopped up or sliced into smaller pieces 4-5 29 oz cans of tomato sauce tomato paste 2-3 white onions chopped up 2-3 red peppers with the seeds removed & chopped up 4-8 jalapeno peppers with the seeds removed & chopped up Any of the following spices either fresh or ground: basil, ginger, urfu biber*, coriander, cumin, cardamom, cayenne, chili powder. Season to taste, I have ease up on the really hot spices if I am making it for other people. Brown the hamburger and cook everything on a low heat overnight stirring the pot on a frequent basis. *Turkish red pepper, not very hot, but provides a nice secondary burn after several minutes you can also use red curry or thai red curry. You can use ground cloves ,but don't use a lot, too much and whatever you're making becomes inedible.
  13. I have family in VA. Virginia has become much like New York. Just like NYC & it's suburbs determine the results of state wide elections, the two counties and some of the cities in the rest of the state usually determine the results of state wide elections. It hasn't helped that some of the past GOP candidates have come from what most would consider the religious far right and are pretty much un-electable at the state level.
  14. I don't find it harsh. I read as "Make your monthly match so much fun that people don't want to miss it" as opposed to a monthly where it's going to be the expected 10/10/4 and typical stage shooting order.
  15. Perhaps. I also think we have gone as far down this path as we can without really getting into political views and beliefs which will get this thread deleted.
  16. I had people volunteer to shop for me, but I wasn't willing to risk them getting sick. I can't remember the last time I was that sick. The 5 minute drive to get Covid tested (negative) was difficult for me. I mostly slept for the first 3 days aside from feeding & walking the dog. And it more than a week before I felt better.
  17. There have always been liberal* pro-gun people. They just don't always vote that way because there may be other issues that are even more important to them. The opposing views on gun control are more inline with where one resides. Most of the really rabid gun control advocates live in cities, suburbs adjacent to large cities or lost a loved one to gun violence. Most pro-gun people live in rural areas or the suburbs. Look at Democratic Senators Testor - MT Manchin - WV and Independent King - ME, all three are generally pro gun, but are liberals. As to the rash of new gun owners, people are seeing Portland, Chicago and some other major cities allowing rioting and preventing the police from arresting people. If they no longer feel that the politicians are going to allow the police to protect them, than they will do it themselves. *Unfortunately the far left has managed to co-op the term liberal.
  18. Did the internet food shopping when I had a really bad case of the flu. Only issue I had was the delivery guy brought it to my front door instead of leaving it at the entrance to the building, but he was way too nice and cheerful (in a thankless job) for me to say anything. It is worth setting up an account on a desktop or laptop to get groceries delivered if you can't/shouldn't leave the house if you become sick.
  19. The MEC hull is 2.5" and using a fiber over powder card & wad everything fits. It should fit in a plastic hull if you use fiber instead of a plastic wad
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