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  1. Welcome to the family.... coming to shoots is a good way to maybe meet someone who has an extra rig with them and at times get a great buy. This season is about over but there is a match on the 18th up in Saratoga of you don't mind a good 2 1/2 hour drive... You will also see one of the most amazing cowboy ranges with props that will blow your mind.
  2. Last change to buy it all for one price.... well sell individual pieces next week unless the set is purchased before then.
  3. Now including a matching set of roping cuffs for no extra charge. Be bold, wear the Red, White and Blue with pride and a smile
  4. Original buckle was a simple nickel one. If you would like to purchase I will include it at no extra cost
  5. The leather on this belt is so thick and such high quality it will last and last and last. The quality of the basket weave pattern is also amazing. The 3 rifle loops being fanned out makes it super easy and fast to pull a bullet for a fast reload too. Don't lose out!
  6. Want to really stand out? There is NO other rig like this. Holster Rig will fit 36-41" Shotgun belt 36-41 1/2". Both are suede backed made of heavy leather. Shotgun belt holds 10 shells and has 3 fanned out rifle loops for 38's. BONUS, I am now including matching hand painted roping cuffs!!! Yes they show some wear but this is a set you can not beat! SOLD Pending Funds for the set. You could not make them for TRIPLE that amount!
  7. Heavy well made holds 12 shells, 3 fanned out rifle loops for 38"s. Hand laced white on a black belt. Belt is suede lined. With the buckle belt is 32- 40, end to end $125 shipped SPF
  8. The In-Bore Laser provides an excellent training aid for dry fire practice. The In-Bore Laser slips into the bore of your firearm and is triggered by the vibration of the hammer or striker drop. Designed to fit the most popular bore size 38cal/9mm, or 357. *** They work great and its a cheap way to work on speed and accuracy using driveway reflectors as your targets*** or they work with Laser Marksman targets. AIMPOINT The In-Bore Laser can be adjusted for alignment with your sights. With the four screws on the nose of the In-Bore Laser, you can adjust the laser beam to exactly fit your sight picture. CONSTRUCTION The In-Bore Laser is fabricated from aluminum, brass and delrin to prevent damage to the bore of the firearm. BATTERY LIFE No need to remove the batteries between practice sessions. The batteries will last nearly the shelf life of the batteries (several years or more) if not used, or over 50,000 shots.. These run $139 plus shipping each when purchased from the manufacturer. I will sell the pair for $200 plus $10 shipping. SPF
  9. Never my intention to look for safety at ALL costs nor to look to break rules. The rules of SASS have and continue to evolve. All I am raising here is the possibility that allowing a better bit of traction might avoid a real issue. I have seen many topics discussed here as possible enhancements to safety or means to avoid UNNECESSARY risk. I am merely suggesting that this issue, like all those others, be looked at.
  10. Ok, I have a bone to pick here. We are a sport/game that says the 1st 3 things of importance to us are in this order: Safety, Safety and SAFETY. MANY (not all) of the best looking flashy B Western boots have very smooth, which equals slippery, soles. Now add wearing spurs to the equation and you do have a higher risk of slipping and possibly falling which if it happens during the course of a stage with loaded guns can be dangerous. I am not advocating for us to wear baseball spikes but only suggesting that the sole of a B Western boot be safer and perhaps the ROC MIGHT want to consider that. YMMV
  11. Will #6 fit an 38 cal octagon barrel marlin? If so I will take it
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