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  1. If you've already bent the lower tab, consider buying a new bolt assembly from VTI, Taylor's, or Cimaron.  The bolt assembly is a better deal than just buying the bolt.


    The new bolt assembly comes with a replaceable bottom bolt tab.  It's worth the money to have it installed and timed by a good cowboy gunsmith.  When I replaced mine, I had my gunsmith mill out the old lower bolt and install a replaceable lower tab.  He fitted the new bolt assembly while I waited and I left the broken bolt with him to repair later.  That repaired bolt is in my replacement parts bag that travels to big shoots with our other gear.  

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  2. Your best, and cheapest option, would be to buy a couple of stainless Ruger grip frames and bolt them onto a pair of the pistols you already have.  Below are links to in stock frames.  You will have to determine which frames are the ones you want.  You should be able to pull the grips on the Single Six with the longer grip frame and order the one that matches (customer service can help you get the correct one). 


    Someone more knowledgeable than me, might chime in if Vaquero grip frames will fit on Single Sixes.  My frame swaps have all been on Vaqueros.


    I've purchased two sets of longer Super Blackhawk frames (longer than Vaquero grip frames) for a pair of OMV and a pair of NMV.  They were not hard to install.  It required filing and sanding for both pair, but the both pair turned out well.  I was careful not to do any sanding on the original parts of the pistols so I can put the original grip frames back on.




    Ruger Grip Frame Ruger New Vaquero (midwayusa.com)

  3. When I had Remington 1858 Conversions, I had the same problem.  You couldn't tell if the chambers were loaded by looking at the cylinder from the side. 


    My solution was to cut a short aluminum rod to insert down the barrel.  I had a piece of red duct tape wrapped around the rod that was visible at the tip of the barrel if there was a round in that chamber.  If the rod dropped in further, making the red tape not visible, I was lined up on the empty chamber.

  4. Glad you're okay TW.  I've also had the same experience with my 650.  In my case, I was fortunate that there were only a few primers left in the primer tube.  For some reason, after the incident, my cats leave the reloading room when they see me on the 650.


    Does Dillion make (or are they considering) a conversion kit to change a 650 priming system to a 750 system?  I think I would be interested. 

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  5. Like many of you, my fellow shooters have become like family.  The wife and I are closer to many of cowboy shooting friends than we are to friends we have from other associations.  I can't imagine giving up those relationships.  There are certain shoots I can't attend anymore until I get my knees replaced and I feel guilty that I can't do some of the target set-ups and tear downs until my surgeries are over.  I try to stay useful keeping score on the tablet or spotting, but I still feel guilty.


    Others have stated it well, as long as you are still a safe shooter and are having fun, don't quit.  Your gun carts are works of art and your insight into shooting Lightning style rifles have helped many of us.  God willing, you return to full health and continue to enjoy this great game.  Hang in there!



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  6. I switched to Cheddite primers for my SKBs after having FTF problems with CCI and Winchester primers a couple of years ago.  I have not had a FTF since.

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  7. This exact thing happened to me 2 years ago during a match! In my case, the round fired and then the primer came out.  It locked up my rifle like a bank vault.  No one in our posse had seen anything like that before.


    I must admit, I reload brass until it splits.  Some of my older brass was developing loose primer pockets.  Now when I reload on my Dillon 650, I pay attention to the amount pressure I need to seat a primer.  If I don't feel a little resistance, I don't finish loading that round.  Because I'm cheap, and primers are scarce, I do carefully de-prime the cases and save the primers. 

  8. I was shooting Rugers when I switched to double duelist and then, eventually, gunfighter.  I didn't have much of a problem with my off hand because I had already installed Super Blackhawk hammers (lower than stock Vaquero hammers) and lighter springs.  Later on, I also had my pistols short stroked.


    My wife, however, had a tougher time of it learning gunfighter.  Her left hand was much weaker.  First we had her pistols short stroked and lower hammers installed.


    The second step was for her to do daily dry firing, especially with her off hand.  The last step was to purchase the device listed below to help strengthen her left hand.  This device really did help.


    Amazon.com: Django Hand Exerciser Strengthener | 5 Finger Grip Adjustable | for Guitar, Musicians, Athletes, Rock Climbers, and Physical Therapy | Includes 3 Resistance Training Workout Cards | Fully Guaranteed : Sports & Outdoors

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  9. I'm sorry that you're dealing with a jerk.  In my 45 years as a teacher and administrator I dealt with many similar people in positions of power.  In a number of cases, I had the good fortune to watch Karma finally catch up with them.


    Hang in there!  With a little perseverance you can outlast this dirt bag. 

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  10. Do you have the opportunity to meet personally with the chief and discuss the problems you've been plagued with this year?  He may have just looked at a spread sheet total without knowing what's really going on.


    I hope you get this issue resolved.

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  11. I'm a dog guy who married a cat girl.  We currently have 5 in-door cats.  We have three large litter boxes that are cleaned three times a day.  You cannot detected a litter box odor in our house.  I know people who don't have enough litter boxes for multiple cats, or do not clean them regularly and they reek!


    In the past we had a few cats that went in and out, because they were use to that system when we acquired them.  They would totally misbehave if they weren't allowed out.  When those cats were eaten by coyotes, or run over by cars, we vowed never to have another outdoor cat.


    Currently, in our neighborhood, dogs that run free are a far greater problem.  My neighbor across the street has a dog that was allowed to roam free and is a real PIA.  It would always bark and growl at us when we went up to the top of the street to retrieve the paper or the mail.  The dog also had a really bad habit of taking its "morning constitutional" on my lawn right near our mailbox.


    After debating a proper response to this daily assault that ranged from verbal complaints to "eliminating" the offender, we reached an acceptable response.  Every day when I went up to get the morning paper, I took a shovel with me.  I would pick up all the dog dropping and walk across the street and deposit them in the grass around the dog owners mailbox.  After about two months of this, I came home in time to see an invisible fence installer leave that neighbor's driveway.  I still get dirty looks from the neighbor's dog, but at least I don't have to take a shovel with me every morning to get my paper.


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  12. My father had a policy on his Colt collection (separate from his homeowners policy) with a major, well advertised, insurance company.  He'd been with them for 50 years and never had a claim.  All his Colts were stolen in a burglary.  Unfortunately, he refused my advise of obtaining a gun safe; opting instead for a very ornate display cabinet. Even with photo and paper documentation of the stolen guns, it was a real hassle to collect on the stolen guns.  The insurance company finally paid, but promptly canceled his homeowners and auto insurance. 


    Two of the Colts were later recovered by the police.  Both were no longer in great condition.  The insurance company contacted him and insisted that he take possession of the guns and return the money they had paid him.  He had already replaced both guns and told the insurance company to "take a hike".  


    The only minor positive of the entire incident was that my father finally conceded that I had been right about getting a gun safe.





  13. For my wife's 97, like many others, I reload the AA's until the pleats break down.  Her 97 will eat anything you feed it.


    My SKB's, however, hate AA's and I now only use Remington STS or gold nitro hulls.  Even with Remingtons, I use a chamber checker for every round.  Sticking hulls in a SXS are very disconcerting.  

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