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  1. My Condolences, I always loved seeing Knifemaker at the various shoots, he and Huricane were a hoot to be around.
  2. Lyman publishes a cast bullet loading manual with this type of data I have an old 4th edition that I use. I shoot a rolling block and use 500 gr tips as well. The book lists several types of powders and charges for several bullet weights and styles
  3. Ranger Dan, in response to your point. I did not see the earlier conversation so I cannot comment for sure on the circumstances. I will state in my case what happened was my (the shooter's) fault. The round appeared to be in the chamber, when I picked up the rifle the round could have slid out to appear to be partially in. Either way it was a safety issue with potential very bad results. It was my fault and I accepted the SDQ as the rules state for live rounds in the chamber etc... Everyone let's not forget that you are responsible ultimately for safety issues. We all have brain fades and make mistakes, I have even dropped an unloaded pistol in a State Championship which cost me dearly. When all is said and done this is still a game and not worth having someone unduly hurt. I would rather be given a SDQ or even a MDQ and have everyone go home safe then worry about where I finished in my category if I did something stupid.
  4. A scenario like this happened to me a couple of months ago. I lost track of the number of rifle rounds fired. I opened the action and laid the rifle down to move to next gun. During the act of laying down the rifle the unfired round slide partially into the chamber. After completing the stage, I went back and discovered the round partially in the chamber and the action open. Stage DQ was and is the correct call. Live round in the chamber and rifle was not in my control.
  5. according to my Lyman 4th edition for 32-40 170 gr bullet the starting load for 5744 is 15 gr at 1326 FPS and max load is 18.5 gr at 1631 fps. Hope this helps. I used 5744 in my 45-70 and it works great.
  6. Great job Matt. I always enjoyed shooting with you guys!
  7. Had a great time and got to see a lot of old friends and new ones as well. Congrats to Rusty Remington and Hey You, as well as all the other winners. The Texicans have a wonderful range, workers, volunteers and ranch owner. Thanks for all the hard work1
  8. Sass Alias: Kettleman Sass #: 27254 From: Cedar Park Texas Since January 2000
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