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  1. One thing I thought they should have done at EOT was set up a spot where those coming in as spectators could watch a video that would explain how SASS started, the different styles of shooting, something about costuming, smokeless vs black powder and such with a 'challenge ' to go see how many different styles of shooting and different clothing types they could identify on the range. Perhaps a scorecard could be given to them so they could check off what they found. Most people might just see men and women shooting at targets and not realize they are watching a classic cowboy or a B-western shooter, or a duelist versus a gunfighter, or a townie and a banker and a saloon girl. If they don't ask they may not realize why some shooters make so dang much smoke!!! Getting them educated with a 3-5 minute video might make their day more interesting. And we for sure have folks that would do a bang up job.
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