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  1. 1 hour ago, Big Six Henderson #16594 said:

    Happy B'day Bad River Marty.

    Ethan, what a great tribute to your Dad.

    Marty, you did a great job, Ethan is one of the best Classic Cowboys out there.

    6 and Lil

    Thanks Big 6, always like shooting with you and Lil.  Not only are you guys nice people but good shooters too.  Hopefully will see you at EOT, TN and maybe a local match up by you real soon.  I was up in Bowling Green last week at Cabelas and Camping world :)   IM me where you shoot your local matches in the winter, I will be back in Nashville in a couple weeks or so to get out of the snow here.  

  2. 4 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

    ETHAN.....  I agree.


    Happy B'day to the fastest GF I have ever seen also.   And he don't miss.


    And I might add that Bad River Marty is one of the nicest Pards you would meet anywhere, and I'm proud to

    have shot with him and become friends.   He is truly a master with those pistols.


    Happy Birthday BRM.   Here's wishing you good health for many years to come.


    God Bless.




    Hope to see you at EOT or GOA or Michigan or Tennessee this year with Slater.   Come on up it will be like old times, have to get on our posse.

  3. Happy 72nd birthday to my dad BAD RIVER MARTY one of the fastest gunfighters with a pistol you never hear about. In 2010, at age 61 he won senior gunfighter at EOT. He also won the side match of speed pistol with the all day fastest time out of all styles of shooting at EOT that year. Yes, he beat all the people that were on TV consistently back then. He has been to EOT 1x in his life. Since then he had a heart attack and two bouts with cancer. He is now cancer free for a couple years now and has shot in his 1st regional in 10+ years in 2020. He has not left Michigan since 2010 until 2020. I am proud of my father and what he has done for the sport of cowboy action shooting in Michigan as he was 1st. Lt. with the Wolverine Rangers for many years and ran the Saginaw club. He may have slowed down a little in the past few years but he can still woop up on me consistently.  We have shot together for 20 years and I look forward to shooting with him for many more years to come. Even if I never beat him.  Now with EOT in Indiana this year he is going to make it to his 2nd EOT.  Happy birthday to the best dad. 


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  4. This is great to have the world championship east of the Mississippi.  It would be great to have either the world or national championship east of the Mississippi on a regular revolving basis.   There are lots of cowboys and cowgirls east of the Mississippi :) 

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