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  1. One of my favorites, seen them several times. I carry a ZZ Top keychain with the fob sticking out of my pocket for like 25-30 years. They played in Abilene recently after Dusty passed. I missed it but they had a surprise rocker that showed up and joined in. Ted Nugent. He's a Texas hunter and was in the area or some such. JHC Stock photo not mine cuz I'm too lazy to take a pic.
  2. No warhorse here, but have a good many cherished old cups. I still have some cups and bowls my mother had when I was a button. I think it was called Ovenware. They live in my farm cabin, I use them and remember from time to time. I may not have the name right, but she used to have an extensive set of these. Su Amigo, JHC
  3. Sad news. I could write a dissertation of my memories of life that happened while listening to his music, but I won't bore you. Just one little one. Been many a time I turned on Aurora Borealis and wondered at the night sky. Thanks for the music Duck. Look forward to meeting you on the other side. JHC "Life is just a collection of memories. And memories are like starlight, they go on forever."
  4. Makes you wonder what they could have done it we had armed them to the teeth. JHC
  5. Forgive the tangent, but the guy checking me out at HEB yesterday was named Orion. Told him that was a really cool name I've never seen. I wonder how many people knows its meaning. If they do they probably think it's a movie studio. JHC
  6. Or a really good shot of a drone. JHC
  7. I get that. If they're waiting on my money it will be a LOOOOONNNNNGGG wait. If I found one for $50 at a garage sale I'd buy it just cuz I could probably make a profit reselling it. JHC
  8. If someone gives me one I'll either give it to you or sell it REAL cheap JHC
  9. http://11thscreen.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Texas_Flag_Come_and_Take_It.png
  10. Lots of people make sun tea. Water and tea into a big glass jar and leave it in the sun. I never cared for it. Maybe all in my head but I always thought it tasted funny. JHC
  11. Used to take MH and Backpacker's Pantry stuff backpacking. The only one I remember being BAD was lasagna. NASTY!!!!!! JHC
  12. You might also want to look at a .41 Magnum. I have a Blackhawk I bought long ago for backpacking into bear country. Lighter than a .44 with almost the same ballistics, but the recoil seems disproportionately less. I have several .357 Blackhawks and the .41 seems to bite very little more. JHC
  13. I would agree with Barney. I've owned and shot both a good bit. A single action will roll in your had with wooden grips. Not good for fast follow up shots and they can bite, but a DA puts it all in your hand. I have a Smith 629, used to have an old model Super Blackhawk I gave to my son. If I was gonna go shoot a box of full house magnums I'd probably prefer the Ruger (don't like the $$^&& grooved trigger) than the Smith with rubber grips. A big boomer single action you just kinda let it roll and bring it back down out of recoil. JHC
  14. God rest her brave soul. JHC https://ktxs.com/news/local/memorial-service-for-barbara-fenley
  15. I had a good friend/gunsmith that was a police armorer and instructor. Factory trained smith for at least S&W and Remington, probably others. All my Smith revolvers he tuned. I used to go hang out at the police range and probably got in his way. Watched him load many a practice round on some big machine, probably a Star. Good times, good friend and mentor. Taught me how to shoot double action revolver. Beside being an instructor (did I mention a Navy armorer?) he also shot Distinguished Master IIRC in police competitions. Had quite a case of trophies. I miss him. His SASS alias was Judge Welcome Chandler. Dressed as a gentleman gunfighter. Judge Chandler was a real life character, maybe on his wife's side. I have some moldy old SuperVels in my safe. They were in one of my uncle's S&W Combat Masterpiece revolver I inherited when he passed. He was a deputy sheriff for Taylor Co. Texas back in the late 50's early 60's. I think the Smith was made in 1955. JHC
  16. Could be you got a bad one. That was a long time ago. It's certainly true it's on the light side for full house magnums, but I've known other shooters that have run a good many magnum loads thru 19's and 66's with no problem. Mine has eaten a few hundred I guess over the years. Hot loads of 296. When I was shooting revolver class in IPSC I shot a .38+P sorta load with 231 which was a 158 gr at about 1100 FPS to make IPSC major. It's eaten many of them. I would have no qualms of running 100 rounds of full house thru her anytime. Mine has Pachmayer compact rubber grips, and it's actually not that bad with magnums. Being a 2 1/2" it's harder on the ears than the hand. Not to mention some magnificent muzzle flash in low light or darkness! JHC
  17. I never shot thousands of full house rounds thru it, but it's eaten it's share. No forcing cone split etc. Points and shoots like a dream. That's why it's on duty 24/7 JHC
  18. Tough call. If you have a 1911 why bother? In real life the Smith 19. My 2 1/2" 19 lives in my bug out bag. After careful consideration I decided that was the pistol I'd want ITSHTF. Also lives there with a variety of ammo. Magnums, and .38 +p type "field loads" as I call them, my old IPSC load that just made major caliber requirements. JHC
  19. You ain't been paying attention. Anything DT was BAAAAAAAAD! JHC
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