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  1. My wife is from Las Cruces (and other places in NM). Know lots of good places to eat there. Napalitos for green enchiladas, My Brother's Place (not sure if they are still around) and El Comidor (or something like that) in Mesilla. Used to be a place I think called Mariscos in LC that had good Mexican seafood, JHC
  2. Are you shooting the Holy Black or the heathen smokeless? Kind of a different ball game. If I ever get to be World Dictator it will absolutely be forbidden the load smokeless in a .45/70. JHC
  3. Some years ago a buddy of mine built a black powder mortar sized to launch a 1 lb coffee can. We'd fill the can 1/3-1/2 full of dirt. Used about 80 gr. FFg. We shot it at a metal silhouette about 140 yards across our stock tank we called Osama. Don't think we ever hit him, but it was a hoot to shoot. You wouldn't think that little powder would launch that projectile that far but it did. It didn't make much noise, kind of a loud POOF!!/BANG. I would say less than a 12 ga BP round. JHC
  4. Didn't Luke Skywalker fly down that to knock out the reactor of the Death Star? JHC
  5. If you ever find yourself in Skagway, Alaska the White Pass and Yukon RR is also excellent. It's diesel, not steam, but good none the less. JHC
  6. It's cool just being in Durango and hearing the train whistle. JHC
  7. Delighted that you got to go! I've ridden her twice, awesome experience. I'm not sure if they're still operating, but have also ridden the Cumbres and Toltec out of Chama, NM. Also awesome. The C&T runs along high country ridges as opposed to the Silverton running up a canyon. Just googled it, sounds like they're still around. I would recommend it highly. JHC https://cumbrestoltec.com/
  8. I can think of one guy that's named for a dog food, but it would be uncouth to actually mention any names. JHC
  9. Next Sat. I'm shooting a defensive pistol course, 450 rounds. A few days ago I was at the local gun store, powder is $45-50 per pound and no pistol primers. I was gonna shoot one of my 9mm's, but like bgavin said, I don't want to burn that much ammo. This outfit will rent a slick Taurus .22 with leather and mags for $20, so I'm gonna go that route. I too have a pile of .22's in stockpile, but I almost never shoot .22's anymore so I figure that will be a good use for them. JHC
  10. Happy Anniversary, and here's to many more. Slainte, JHC
  11. Scotch is so varied it's really hard to say. Many moons ago, many of the Wire scotch drinkers sang the praises of Laphroaig. The wife and I both were into Scotch back then, we went to see here dad one weekend and decided to take some "good stuff". We both took a snort and liked to puked. Tasted like Listerine laced with turpentine and peat moss. I gave it away at EOT. NASTY! JHC
  12. It would seem that one thing you can't accuse UB of is drinking cheap hooch. JHC
  13. Had the same problem with Tyrconnell single malt Irish. Had some at EOT long ago, I think a SASS pard brought it who since rode over the ridge. Anyway, no one in or around Bugtussle here has even heard of it, can't order it. One or Texas' screwy laws (yes, we have them too) is distilled spirits can't be shipped. I can order a boxcar full of wine, but no Irish. JHC
  14. I never had much problem with stray dogs. Adopted 2 or 3. Must concur on #1 JHC
  15. I've won two guns, gave both away. One was a Bisley Vaquero I donated to a fundraiser for a SASS pard needing a heart transplant. Other was at an NRA function, WWII commemorative Colt Govt. Model. Gave it to one of my sons. JHC
  16. As a FIRST CHOICE so would I. Depending on the range I'd opt for an Rem. 870 with an extended mag full of #4 buckshot. JHC
  17. Yep, pistol cartridges take a quantum leap when fired from an 18-20" barrel. Esp. revolver cartridges when you eliminate the cylinder gap. JHC
  18. I think the .40 was kind of cooked up as a mild 10mm. Great round (I had one I gave to my son) but was a bit much for say the 1911 type guns, and also for the average shooter. I carried a Glock 27 for many years, now carry a 43 mostly because it's lighter, skinnier, and more accurate for me than the 27. But it also doesn't hold 10 rounds. Everything is a trade off. Modern high performance 9mm ammo sorta pulled the .40's teeth. Makes you kinda wonder what the 10mm may have become if they could have actually made enough mags to go around for the Bren 10. JHC
  19. Not sure I agree . If you look at the velocity of say a .357 Mag in a 4" revolver vs. a 20" carbine, there is a considerable difference. No, still not a .308 Win. but it wasn't meant to be. JHC
  20. Pardon me while I drool. That's just too awesome. Maybe you paid way too much at the time. A few years down the road it may prove to be a steal. JHC
  21. Son came by today to give me a little gift for all the coins I gave and/or sold him cheap. For those who may not know a grade of MS 70 is as high as the grading goes.......flawless. Made my allergies act up a might and my eyes water. JHC
  22. It's always amazing how professionals make things look so easy. 1000 ft cruise ship coming into dock. No big deal. Watch this. JHC
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