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  1. Come to the PA State match where we have plenty of trees, dampness, and no breeze.....for the past two events!!
  2. @Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423 What brand of eye protection is that you're wearing?
  3. Improper holster angle, typically a cross draw. I have seen it a few times during my time in this game.
  4. Just curious. Does the CA .50cal ban effect everything? Like leverguns in .50-110? Muzzleloaders? Or just semi auto stuff? Here in NJ, years back they tried to pass a sweeping .50 cal ban that would effect everything, including shotguns and muzzleloaders.
  5. Well, if you're looking for kaboomy booms where everybody can feel the shockwaves, and potentially set off car alarms 25 yards away, then Swiss 3F might be what you need.
  6. You'd be closing the actions as much as you could to secure the flags. I remember years back, when just starting this game, there were a few people who made these long flags. Basically two long ass dowel rods secured to a small block, and went in from the muzzle, and were long enough to stick out from the chamber end. I always thought that was odd, and a bit much. But then I guess people do what they need to do to remind themselves of safety first.
  7. Flagging? Do you mean sweeping? If cross draw holsters are sweeping people on the walk to the firing line, then I would suspect that the angle of the holster is a big no no.
  8. Will be following this development.
  9. I didn't understand using this at first either, but it was suggested to me when shooting my 51's/60's C&B's to use some on the base pin to help prevent binding when using real black. Afterwards, I found it easier to cleanup. No caked on fouling. Same thing when I used it in the guts of the gun. I used to use olive oil, but then I would have weird cravings for freshly sliced tomato's with mozzarella and basil.
  10. Nice knives on his facebook page, now I got my wallet giving me the stinkeye.......
  11. When I met Mean Mark years back in Florida, he did it that way. Got his mix and guidance from Split Rail I believe. I also shot with Long Tall Texan a few times, and once he was using vaseline. Since you mention cold cream, what about actual cold cream?
  12. I just put them back in the boxes they came in, and keep them on the shelf in my gun cabinet.
  13. An old man told me once that with the cartridges, and loading we use for said cartridges, an air space isn't gonna do any anything other than give inconsistent ignition. Meaning, Boom Boom poof Boom pfft. It is said that is original train of thought comes from muzzleloaders that use higher powder charges. This could have been the case with regards to the metallurgy from that time. Be interesting to see a test with modern metal barrel on a muzzleloader. Personally, I fill my 45lc case to the rim with BOOM and sit a 250g boolit. Lizard litter, corn meal, backer rod are
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