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  1. Today's main stream country just sounds over produced. I prefer the sounds from the 50s/60s. Recording technology was primitive compared to today, but they should did something right, regardless of what genre you listen to. I tend to listen to stuff that falls into the 'alt country' catagory. Just download the free Gimme Country app.
  2. Is there a website, facebook, or instagram page? Neither Google nor DuckDuckGo are giving results for Island Gun Works. LQ Jones Gunsmith only turns up with results for the actor.
  3. It's rather easy. Like many people said, guns locked up in trunk, ammo locked up in trunk as well. Locked up separately. Some states might require cases to be locked, even if they're in a locked trunk. Bring match confirmation. If traveling through multiple states, consider bring receipts of purchase, or registration receipts (for states that require registration), this way you can show the guns are yours if need be. Only bring match guns, leave business guns at home unless you know for sure your CCW is accepted in all states along your route, and your business gun is legal in those states. Keep the inside of your car clean. No gun publications, no loose shells rolling around, no shooting clothes or gear in the open. As far as dealing with LEO's, pay attention to what they ask, and only answer said question. No need for added info they're not asking about. If you are really concerned, you might want to look into 4A rights in each state you travel through, as various state courts have different rulings on probable cause.
  4. SS Atlantus, what remains of it, off the coast of Sunset Beach NJ. http://www.concreteships.org/ships/ww1/atlantus/
  5. Nope. Same old, same old. Been feeding black powder to shotguns with chokes for over 10 years, never did anything special.
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