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  1. Bill, your check came today. I have wrapped them up well in bubble wrap and boxed them in a med flat rate box. I will get them shipped in the morning. You should have them by the weekend. I will PM you the tracking number when I get back from the post office.




    1. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Thanks, I have shot 1860's for years, and have always wanted a stock on one of them.

      Thanks again, Bill

    2. Wasatch Lawman

      Wasatch Lawman

      Bill, just back from the post office.  Tracking # 9505 5154 4334 8170 3047 75


      I think you will like these, I have had them for a long time. Never shot the gun, just looked at them in my collection. I am sure the previous owner may have shot it. I pulled it down and wiped it down with CLP before I packed it up. It really is in great condition.

      Enjoy them,


    3. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650
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