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  1. I posted about an Estate sale previously.....This Gun auction would be like a kid in a toy store for me.....You Arizona pards might have an interest.... THE 2-DAY MILLION DOLLAR GUN & AMMO AUCTION!... starts on 6/9/2021 (estatesales.net)
  2. As a retired LEO, having tried many holsters, I finally found one that is exceptionally my favorite......see the link below....I've worn mine for several years now, and it still looks almost new..... N8 Tactical The Revenant IWB Holster - Concealed Carry IncConcealed Carry Inc
  3. Is there any way to positively determine if a guy served as a Marine without him knowing I inquired? I have a neighbor that is very questionable as to some of his claims to be a Marine, a minister, an addiction counselor, a real estate agent, and on and on....He detests me as a retired LEO, and my wife as a Judge...... His wife stated that she doesn't know where he works!! I know his ID Data, but don't want to cause more friction by him knowing I checked.....
  4. Just posting this link for your viewing pleasure, and for those who might be near Sun-City ........ HUGE Rare Firearm & Military Swords, Silver... starts on 6/5/2021 (estatesales.net)
  5. With Georgia being heavily involved in Poultry, I have found that snakes (Black, King, Rat, etc.) love to eat eggs.....Don't know what sort of snakes reside in your area, but I do know they would easily go through a chain link fence.....
  6. I am aware of several instances of "visits", by those who have already gone on before us, to someone that is near their own demise. I have been present when my Mother carried on a conversation with her deceased siblings just moments before she passed. She assured me that they were in her hospital room at that moment. Maybe God allows us to be greeted by loved ones as we exit......And for those who expire, and then are brought back to life, maybe they learn and see things that our human eyes are not privy too.......
  7. Having endured cancer surgery one week ago today, I found the following bookmark prayer to help keep me focused (and endure the current PAIN). Prayers are lifted for you both during this stressful time......... Father, I know You love me....And I love You. But I am troubled, and I don't understand. How can any good come from this situation? Still, I am trusting in You. And I know this circumstance has a purpose. So help me find the good, in what I see as bad..... In my unrighteousness, let me see the work of Your grace. In my problems, let me see the stren
  8. I'm a retired LEO...I know you are proud of your grandson.....What agency is he with? Sounds like maybe GSP with the Top Gun honor.....
  9. Check with SGAmmo, at the link below.....Not sure if this is the rimless variety, but maybe they can direct you to a source..... 8x56mmR Ammo | SGAmmo.com
  10. Smoky Pistols, The artist is Roger Dewitt......See the attached link to order a print.....He has a lot of interesting Western themes...……. http://new.rdewitt.com/?page_id=245
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