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  1. A lot of information on a house that may have been remodeled, altered is, or should be, available at the town hall. Open permits or closed ones can sometimes tell you a lot about what was changed or what might not meet code.

  2. John Wayne's hat, the one he wore in Rio Bravo as well as other films, was his personal property, as were other parts of his wardrobe. The hat ended up in a museum, as far as I remember.

  3. Pard in NJ says he hasn't been able to log on for a few days. Receives notification that site may be hacked, and then is unable to get on. Anyone had any trouble?

  4. John Boy,


    I use different color boxes to differentiate pistol vs rifle reloads, as they may be slightly different (bullet weight, primer, powder and charge weight). I keep info on Post Its inside the box . Also, I keep a log with the same info so that I tell what date they were loaded, number etc. I also keep a note on the powder can that tells how many rounds were loaded, no. of grains, on any one day, and the same for the primers and bullets. A bit obsessive, but it works for me.


    All the best.



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