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  1. It seems as if the availability comes in waves.  A month or two ago, the larger retailers had days when primers, for example, were available online.  Even though they didn't last long unsold they were there.  The availability of powder comes and goes, although most of the powder available seems to be for rifle cartridges.  Prices don't appear to be headed down although loaded ammo is available for sale in some places at only $25 a box of 50 for 9 mm and $1.00 a round for 5.56 ammo.  So, nowhere near the "fantasy" levels Larsen brought up. 

  2. According to one of Wayne's biographers any appearance by Boone in one of JW's films was agreed to over a handshake; no contracts.  Boone did The Alamo for the coat that his character wore as his compensation.

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  3. Fire and Ice is the weekend before EOT, as you know.  It depends on when you get there.  If you have time before F&I go down to Tombstone.  Always worth a visit, even for a few hours. 

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  4. If you haven't looked, Colt lists the serial number as a Single Action Army built in 1893.  There may be more information, but that would require a Colt letter.  Grips were definitely replaced.  Pricing can be difficult without an examination of the pistol.  The Colt Forum has a lot of information on the 1st Generation SAA and the members there can give you some idea of pricing, but keep in mind that many members are collectors and or sellers.  It looks to be in pretty good shape for a 120 + year old gun.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439 said:

    Not sure what you mean by thumbprint but thank you for all your information and I have ordered the book you suggested from Amazon new, even though I hate doing business with them as they helped shutdown Parlor and the owner’s and a lot of the employees’ political philosophy. 

    Some models of Winchesters have a round, raised, checkered embedded on the dust cover, which helps in pushing the cover forward; therefore a "thumbprint".  Not a common part.


  6. 14 minutes ago, Charlie Harley, #14153 said:

    Exactly. To us it is reflexive to check a gun’s condition. That vast majority of actors are not us. 
    That’s why there’s the role of Armorer when needed on the set. 

    The production crew was from New Mexico, but the union representing among others, armorers, IATSE, has stated that no Local 44 members were on the call sheet.

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    Like I said it's NOT WHO'S remains it's whether they're human remains or not. They keep saying "possible human remains"! Really?? They can't tell if they're human remains after 4 -5 days?? Again, I'm not saying WHO'S remains!!!

    News media are calling them human remains.

  8. I have shot DD for a number of years now.  I'm left handed and I am still a little bit faster with that than the right.  I am having some problem with the right thumb in the last few weeks and cocking the pistol with the right thumb has been a problem.  I don't want to switch guns during a run so as to minimize the chance of dropping one, so I switched categories for the last shoot and, for the moment, use a two handed grip with the second pistol.  If the problem/ arthritis? continues I have all winter to practice transitions with the second pistol.

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  9. As a follow up I checked the internet and found a number of posts on different boards regarding the change in mfg of Clays to Canada from Australia, dating back to 2016.  Chris Hodgdon is aware of the questions as he was contacted by at least one individual.  Most all of the posts have to do with the density of the powder, but one mentioned a change in color.

  10. Last match of the year at Cedar Valley.  My '97 was giving me trouble as rounds weren't going off.  Coyote Cap took the shotgun and tightened the hammer screw, which had backed out.  I never knew that the screw was on the carrier.  Thanks, Cap and have a great winter.

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  11. Growing up my sister found a cat roaming around and "adopted" her.  Mitzi was her name, followed by at least one or to others, all called Mitzi.  I don't have any and prefer dogs, but why would a "normal" person go out of their way to hurt one?  Plenty of sick people in this world.

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  12. From the NY Post:


    Facebook-owned properties, including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, were hit by sweeping outages Monday.

    The issues started around 11:45 a.m. ET, according to DownDetector, and were hitting users globally.

    By 12:30 p.m. ET, the outages appeared to subside, according to DownDetector, though tens of thousands of users were still reporting problems. 

    Shortly after noon, Facebook’s site returned a message that read, “This site can’t be reached.”

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