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  1. Sherayko is a Jersey boy. Shot with him years ago when he stopped by the range on a visit to NJ. Lots of stories.
  2. That sounds like fun. Maybe Misty Moonshine has time to stop by and talk about the SASS HQ move to Indiana, and what the future might bring for SASS? How about a run down on the work that goes into putting on a match of that size? Maybe have some of the vendors on, especially firearms sellers, talking about their CAS products. Just a few suggestions. Looking forward to the show. Tex
  3. As above, many different types. There used to be vendors at the larger matches, who would make custom ear plugs while you waited. I still use a set made by a vendor (can't remember who) in AZ a number of years ago. Amazon has a number of custom ear plugs available. I think the best way to proceed is to speak with a hearing specialist.
  4. I sat in one, once. Unbelievable view from the cockpit.
  5. I found this on the Muzzle Loading Forum: CVA MR barrels "...The land to land measurement is .492 while the groove to groove is .507 on the .50 caliber whereas on the .45 caliber, the land to land is .442 and the groove to groove is .460..." The above came up on a thread under "CVA Mountain Rifle Specs"
  6. Hey, Philosopher, Hope to see you at Morristown or Kimball this season. Tex
  7. Always a fun shoot! Always a great bunch of folks!
  8. Winchester, Federal and Remington, being the most available brands, all have shells with a velocity of 1145 fps. The 900-980 fps shells are very hard to come by.
  9. We're getting a little snow, 2 in or so? Temp around 9 degs. In the 30s for the weekend. One day closer to spring.
  10. If the price is right, the aliases won't matter. Alternatively, if the engraving isn't too deep, it might be possible to remove it, or engrave a design over it. Hard to say without seeing them.
  11. Snowing up here near Minneapolis, and windy. About 6 inches expected. When it's 5 degs, the wind really bites.
  12. Can't you go to an Apple store to have the phone checked? Doesn't Apple have a one year warranty on the phone?
  13. If the rifle is in original condition, i.e. not refinished, it could go for more than $2,000. Look up winchestercollector.org for some info on the rifles, especially the top thread, "Tips on Buying an Old Winchester". I have one in 32-40, refinished and the bore is fuzzy, but it shoots like a dream. I still have one box of Imperial factory ammo, which really performed well. A really nice round, very accurate.
  14. Received a notification from Midway that Federal Subsonic in stock. The web site says out of stock, but I spoke to customer service rep ( 1-800 243 3220 ) and they found it. 3 box limit. Product number TGM 123 7.5. Price is $ 12.00 per box. Not cheap.
  15. FYI, there's a Win/Miroku '66 in 45 Colt for sale in the classifieds. Buy it so the rest of us aren't tempted anymore.
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