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  1. "The SEALs who knew Dick Marcinko will remember him as imaginative and bold, a warrior at heart," retired Navy SEAL Adm. Eric Olson told Navy Times. "He was a spirited rogue for sure, but we are better off for his unconventional service." RIP, Commander.
  2. Only semi auto in basic. Easy to hit with them at 200-300 meters. One range sergeant was on the President's 100 team for a while. He never missed the black.
  3. Merry Christmas! Don't forget sun screen.
  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  5. Michael Bane tried one out recently and had good things to say, also.
  6. The last place I lived, on the East Coast, was a small town. The police would deal with a "crime wave" every couple of years, when kids usually in the 13-17 years range would do a little housebreaking looking for saleable items like TVs, jewelry and the like. One neighbor, a county detective, had his house broken into when his wife left the garage door open by mistake.
  7. I checked a new, unmodified Winchester (Miroku) '73 earlier today and the gap looks about the same as yours. Don't mess with it.
  8. Some of Carson's shows with comedians such as Dom DeLuise, Buddy Hackett, and others were hilarious.
  9. I just watched the first episode without commercials. Somewhat formulaic, but the Sam Elliot character and his partner, and even Tim McGraw looked the part. Didn't "hook me", though. Not worth me paying extra to watch it.
  10. Depends on who your audience is. Liberals think the country is getting better, conservatives think it's not. Media always has a slant.
  11. Bear, I just checked my two Ubertis. The trigger breaks before the lever hits the bottom tang, about the same amount of strut showing as yours, maybe a little less. The important point, I think, is what Joe mentioned earlier; if the links are straight out then you're good to go. I would take off the right side plate and see if the links are straight out before the block behind the trigger is clear.
  12. Glad you got what you wanted. There are other sets available, but the prices are even higher. If someone wants them badly enough, they will pay the price.
  13. If anyone has a couple dozen Schofield cases they can spare, for sale, let me know. I want to try them out in a Winchester '94 short carbine. Thanks, Tex
  14. Send John Boy a PM and talk with him. He's an expert on single shot, period correct rifles. Even makes his own 22 ammo.
  15. On another thread, there was a closed Gunbroker auction from November where a pair of consecutive 3rd Gen 44-40s, new old stock, with original blue boxes, black powder frames, unfired, sold for $4,425, the pair. Other sites are asking +$3,000 each. Prices are all over the place and, in the end, depend on how motivated each party is to complete a transaction.
  16. Same with my comic book collection. My mother gave them to a cousin who put them in his attic, which attic roof leaked water onto the books.
  17. If it keeps on happening, you could replace the hand and coil spring with a more traditional one with a flat spring. It's possible the coil spring isn't putting enough pressure on the hand.
  18. It is a normal Sharps except for the cheek piece on the right side of the stock, which is meant for lefthanders. The hammer is not reversed.
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