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  1. I retired from working in corrections in 1995 at age 50, with 27 years + service. Been working part-time since then, mostly guvmint security training contracts in the D.C. metro area, but will give that up at the end of this year and get something closer to home.

  2. Since we started talking about retirement, let me tap your collective experiences on making the transition:


    1. Did you stay in your home or move elsewhere? Why?

    I retired from working corrections in 1995 and SWMBO retired from teaching in 2010. We're still here in our original house, since I'm going to quit my present part-time job in the D.C. metro area at the end of this year, and perhaps get something closer to home. SWMBO's Social Security also kicks in then.

    2. Did you buy/build a smaller house? How has that worked out?

    We are in the process of buying a condo overlooking Pamlico Sound on Hatteras Island, NC which we will spend time at mostly off-season, and rent it out to vacationers the rest of the year. We will likely sell the house we have now and perhaps move down to the Lake Anna area and get a bigger house, one story with NO STAIRS, and I also gotta have a model train room, space for the gun safes, a reloading room, and a garage/workshop. Plus a few acres of land with it.

    3. Are you a snowbird? How do you make that work?

    It snows on Hatteras Island too.


    4. What would you do differently?

    Do it sooner.

    5. What was your biggest mistake?

    Not doing it sooner.


    Very subjective, I know; but I'm just looking for your best thoughts.


    Much appreciated.



  3. Gun shows around here (central Virginia) are mostly tactical guns and gear. Some reloading supplies, but all at high prices. I did pick up a Ruger LC9s at a very good price one time. I only go once every couple years, have too much other stuff going on.


    The last gun show here in Fredericksburg was mostly black guns, black gun accessories and other black gun related gear. The shows in Richmond generally have a better selection of non-black gun stuff. And I won't waste time going to another show at Meadow Event Park.

  4. Congratulations. Don't just sit though. I've worked with many who just sat after retirement and didn't last long. Stay as active as you can :blush:


    I've worked with folks who said they weren't going to hit a lick at a snake when they retired. Well guess what? About 90% of those who didn't "hit a lick at a snake" were dead within two years. But, the guys like me who retired and kept on working at something else part-time, about 90% of us are still above ground and most are still working too.

  5. We've let our dogs sleep with us in the past, but the ones we have now prefer to sleep on their dog beds the floor next to our bed, one on each side. I tell ya, there's nothing like a cold wet nose on a bare patch of skin to jump-start yer heart early in the morning.

  6. The weather around here usually turns to crap right after Christmas, and that's when I catch up on my reloading. Got 3 matches' worth of .45 Colt to do, plus 12 ga. shotgun, then some .38, .357, 9MM, a few stray .45 ACP's and .45 auto rims, then the 500 rounds of Starline .32 auto that my brother-in-law gave me last Christmas.

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