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  1. Lots of creative license in that one!  The real Longley was a nasty individual!  He was eventually hanged for a murder.  The hanging was badly botched and he might have survived, but deputies and other officers assisted and he was put down.


    The show is pretty good and there are several big stars that make appearances in various episodes.

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  2. I watched a pair of college teams last Thursday night that played some great baseball.  It was one team’s night, but both teams played well!!


    Mississippi vs Vanderbilt was good baseball.  Vandy had a fabulous night in the field.  Ole Miss was HAMMERING the ball and the ‘Dores’ fielding was up to the task.  There were some absolute robberies that prevented The Rebels from scoring!


    Meanwhile, Vandy hit a couple of “Moon Shots”, but the difference was stolen bases, heads up base running, and timely base hits.


    The game was much closer than the score indicated.


    Two college baseball powerhouses playing top quality baseball!!  Ain’t much better in sports!!

  3. 23 minutes ago, Cyrus Cassidy #45437 said:


    Pard, I hate to tell you this, but MLB has become one of the most boring baseball games around.  It's either swing for the fences or strike out.  College baseball is old fashioned "small ball," so it's exciting to watch.  There is strategy and actual hitting--not home run, but hitting opposite field, gappers, etc. that showcases ALL baseball skills instead of just swinging a tree as hard as possible.  I can barely stand MLB anymore.

    i agree to a point.  There are several MLB teams that still play “Small Ball”, although I hope that changes with the banning of “The Shift”.


    Last year’s NL batting champ, Jeff McNeil, hit several homers, but mostly, he hit to every field and defied teams to shift on him. He also played exceptionally well on the infield!


    In the AL, Aaron Judge almost won a Batting Triple Crown and SHOULD have won a Gold Glove as well!


     I like a good “pitcher’s duel” or one of those games that features great fielding and execution on the base paths!!  

    I also enjoy a good “slugfest” and even a game where one team is blasting homers and the other team does a parade on the bases!


    I just love good baseball, all kinds of it!  One pitching mistake or even that one error that changes the game or the outcome can be as thrilling/heartbreaking as the walk-off hit or the bases loaded 9th inning swinging K!




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  4. Schoolmarm and I watched it last night.  Good show.


     I can relate to a lot of how Otto saw the world!!


    You see the good and want to preserve and nurture it.  

    The bad, you fight, even if it’s only in principle.


     The stupid, you point out and deal with accordingly!




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