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  1. My next ten. Again, in no particular order and no less worthy than the other ten.


    Stagecoach. (Original)

    The Far Country

    Broken Trail

    The Violent Men

    The Cowboys (just to see Bruce Dern get his ass whipped)

    For a Few Dollars More 

    A Man Called Sledge 

    Nevada Smith

    Rio Grande

    Man With The Gun (Mitchum)


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  2. Okay…

    In no particular order because I can’t narrow it down that far. My Top 10


    The Searchers

    Once Apon a Time In The West

    Gunsmoke, (Audie Murphy)

    Angel and the Badman

    Magnificent Seven (original)

    Blood on the Moon

    Monte Walsh (Lee Marvin)

    Monte Walsh (Selek)

    Bite the Bullet 


  3. 7 hours ago, Tooky Slim said:

    Love that song, but I first heard it on a Joe Cocker album(disc actually). I later heard the Ray Charles version, which I liked, but I do prefer the Joe Cocker version.B)

    My band covered that song for several years. I did more of a Joe Cocker rendition, but we used a lot of the Ray Charles stylings.  It was ALWAYS a crowd pleaser!

  4. I got my order of the Mexico Lindo hot sauces a couple of days ago, but with all that’s going on, I didn’t get to even open the package until this morning.


    When the dust finally settled this afternoon, Schoolmarm whipped up some crispy chicken tenders. I broke out the black sauce and added a squirt to a couple of pieces.  

    WOW!!  I’d forgotten how great a smokey flavor it had!!  I tried the chiltipin sauce too!  Neither of them are excessively hot, but they DO have rich spicy flavor!


    Thanks for the reminder, Yul!

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