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  1. All questions should be answered here!  

    The guy in the pickup was parked in two spaces, partially occupying the handicapped parking spot and into the one next to it.  At least he DID come over to check on me while I gathered my wits and then he held onto the scooter so that I could get back up.


     I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.  If I’d done what I normally do, I’d have jumped the curb in front of the car. As it is, I took it for granted that the pavement was clear and it turned out not to be.


    Schoolmarm was with me and I never lost consciousness. I WAS madder ‘n’ hell.  She’s suffering from a ruptured disc and shouldn’t drive, so I took myself to the emergency room.


    They treated the road rash and gave me a tetanus shot.  They did a CT scan on my head and neck. They didn’t find anything, ( don’t say it! ) no bleeds, no fractures.  Gave me a prescription for any aches and pains and released me “on my own recognizance”.


    I’m home now and propped up in my LazyBoy.  I got a bottle of Proper 12 that I might just crack open here in a little while!





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  2. Many of ya’s know that I’m getting around on a knee scooter because of problems with my foot.  This morning, I stopped at the post office to mail a part to another cowboy.  Some guy had parked his truck in the handicap spot and I had to go around it to get into the building.


    As I made the turn onto the ramp in front of his truck, one of the front wheels on the scooter caught the joint in the concrete and I went over the handlebars, head first onto the sidewalk!


    I’m now laying on a gurney in the emergency room waiting on results of a CT scan.


    The Postal Service will probably sue me for damaging the sidewalk!!


     I am all right. We’re just making sure!!


    (the first one of ya’s that puts one on them damned sad face emojis on here, I’m gonna jump outta the screen on your device and strangle ya’!!)



    :o :rolleyes: :lol:

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  3. Another small slash applied to the anti-gun hoard!!  One more cut in the “Death by a Thousand Cuts” to those organizations who oppose the Second Amendment!!

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