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  1. I keep this one around to maintain real perspective on the season!
  2. Like George Burns said. Dying has been done! I want to try something else!!
  3. Really more aggravating than anything! I’m almost never under the weather and with a little adaptation I’ve been able to get the necessary stuff done! I even get out in the shop when it’s essential. What’s frustrating is that I have to let my “want to”s slide to eliminate any risk of causing a setback, or else I have to take so many precautions and make so many compromises that my fun stuff becomes work and almost drudgery. Then it ain’t fun anymore!!
  4. Yeah. The exercises don’t really work for this! It’s almost like intoxication. I’m fairly certain that it’s the result of the drugs, particularly since the warnings on the medications themselves say so on the packaging. What I may do if it doesn’t improve, is move my dosing to before bedtime. As the day wears on, the symptoms lessen. The meds work better, numbers wize, if taken in the morning, but if I can’t function effectively, they’re only slightly less effective when taken in the evening.
  5. The crazy part is that I feel great!! My hoof is solid and gets better every day. I’m just DAMNED frustrated with not being able to go and to do the things I’m accustomed to doing!! Just about the time I get the foot doin’ what it’s supposed to do, I find myself staggering around because my balance is worse and I have to sit down before I flop over somewhere! No problem driving and I can sit to cook or fold clothes, (I’ve always done my own laundry) but I hafta’ hold onto something to stand and work or use a cane, (I have several) to walk any distance. Lack of patience is probably my biggest malady right now! But it sure makes me grumpy to not just jump up and go or grab and snatch when the mood strikes me!!
  6. I used a bed roll for years when traveling on my motorcycle. I experimented with several kinds of sleeping arrangements and settled on a hammock. I string up the hammock and then spread my bedr roll in it. When I bed down, I take the laces of my boots and tie them in a slip knot and hang them up on the head end of the hammock rope! Some of the folks that I rode with who slept on the ground or left their footwear on the ground found critters of various description in their boots!! Matt Hamilton made me a new bed roll a few years ago! It’s heavy canvas with a feather tic pad and flannel lining. It’s some bulky and takes a bit of work to roll up and stow, but it’s water proof and warm and comfortable. When I tie it on the rack behind the seat, it makes a hell of a back rest!! He don’t make ‘em very often, but Hamilton Dry Goods is the place if ya’ want one!!
  7. I had an uncle who would say that as he stirred up everything on his plate and poured buttermilk on it before eating!!
  8. I’m becoming more grumpy lately. I’m trying to be optimistic and I’ve made significant progress lately with my health issues, but it seems like every time I get things going my way, something or other piles on to slow me down!! I’m doing much better now with the foot problems and I’m excited and ecstatic with that!! BUT!!! We’re also working on my diabetic medications to improve my A1c and daily glucose numbers. We went back to the really expensive oral medication and upped the dosage of the daily supplemental med. I’ve been on both now for almost a week and all of the gains I’d made with my balance and mobility have disappeared. I knew that the Jardiance had the potential to make me dizzy, but the last time I used it, (for almost three years) the episodes were seldom and brief. I’m thinking that I might have to go back to the lower dose on the Actos, (the new daily supplemental) to get my balance back. I restarted the Jardiance two weeks ago, but the higher dose of Actos was added last Thursday and the vertigo began soon afterward. Gonna’ take some experimenting and maybe an adjustment or two, but it’s damned sure frustrating to make all that progress and then slide back so far!! GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP!!!!!
  9. Could’ve been worse!! Those guys could’ve had man buns too!! (no puke emoji!) My repulsion to the photo completely reassures me of my total hetero existence!!!
  10. This is just a preference thing. With the neuropathy in my hands, I like the larger army grip because it hits places on my hands that still have feeling!
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