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  1. Louis Jordan and the Timpany Five: Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? That’s definitely an obscure number!! I DID look it up!! Probably would cause a racial uproar if it was released today!!!
  2. I’ve been somewhat sidelined. My home confuser is in the shop for a tuneup and front end alignment!! You really should look this one up! You’re in for a good laugh and it IS a great group!! When I get the MAC back, I’ll scroll back and see what I missed....
  3. Been two or three days! Rolling Stones: Waitin’ on a Friend Here’s one!! Pretty obscure too! There was a time, early in life, When he gambled the game and he carried the knife, And he was winnin’ that very night. He cussed the devil, yes he cussed him good, And he swore he’d whip him, yes he swore he could, And he dared him to come to him if he would.
  4. “I’ll be damned!” (looks at his feet) “This is funny!”
  5. Considering the price of ammunition, this looks like a prudent use of a firearm!! You can bet your sweet bippy that the anti-gunowner crowd will count this among the “gun-violence” deaths!!
  6. Just because mainstream media, which is proven repeatedly to be biased against freedom and toward liberal violence, dismisses factual evidence and refuses to acknowledge ANY evidence or statement contrary to their own agenda and the agenda of the party that they worship doesn’t mean those facts aren’t valid and true! Too many times recently, evidence and questions have been summarily dismissed by your beloved media at the behest or direction of the party or persons belonging to that party that they worship and genuflect to!! Just what flavor IS that Koolaid???
  7. Freeze must not have hit Austin too hard!!
  8. YEAH!! Wake us when breakfast is ready!!!
  9. The boobie says she likes pillows too!! Sunday morning, sleepin’ late!!
  10. I didn’t get any of my dad’s guns. They went to my little brother and I’m good with that. I got several of his tools from the welding shop and a few hand tools that will pass on down.
  11. Yep!! Get Outta Denver!! Lots of lyrics in that one!!! Try this’n!! Watching girls go passing by, It ain’t the latest thing. I’m just standing in the doorway. I’m just trying to make some sense.
  12. I still remember it was autumn and the moon was shinin’, Our ‘60 Cadillac was roarin’ through Nebraska whinin’, Doin a hundred twenty man the fields was bendin’ over. Headin’ out for the mountains knowin’ we were traveling further. All our fires were blazin’ and the spinnin’ wheels were turnin’ turnin’ I had my girl beside me Brother, Brother she was burnin’ burnin’
  13. Well HELL! If you’re gonna drink dirty water it may as well be sweet and cold!!
  14. That’s Tom T. Hall: Who’s Gonna Feed Them Hogs. i traveled and performed with Tom T.’s son, Dean Hall, back in the late ‘90s. He was responsible for the beginnings of NASCAR’s infield shows. Winston, (RJ Reynolds) was looking for some kickass entertainment to go with their infield program and their representatives were in Nashville on other business. They got into a cab and asked the driver where they could find the best entertainment in town on a Tuesday night. The cabbie took them to a little place called Rivalries, a joint built around a caboose on Murfreesboro Road in south N
  15. Think I will add another set of deadbolts to the house and the shop!!
  16. Barkeep laid it out right!! You can ‘bout throw rocks from one range to the next!! Keep in mind, you’re moving into the middle of OUTLAW territory!! Lots of good folks, great clubs, fantastic ranges, and shoots beyond belief!!
  17. The “sandwich” sounds delicious!! I’ll have to make me one sometime soon!! I have my own opinion of what constitutes a cheeseburger and a hamburger and a Reuben as well!! No need to expound on what is proper!! Just eat what you like and give others their pleasures as well!!
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