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  1. It’s more often than not that me ‘n’ ol’ Phantom don’t completely agree! HERE’S ONE TIME THAT WE ARE IN PERFECT AND TOTAL AGREEMENT!! I’m heading up to one of the two clubs where I can honestly say that I call it home!! I’m leaving early Monday morning. There are members of a certain group who will beat me there by at least a day and the actual match doesn’t start until Thursday!! Some of this is habit, (my medical situation won’t let me do some things, lately ) but this group has always come up early and helped get the final touches polished off!! There ARE perks tha
  2. Yeah! I had that a lot! Most times, the other coaches and I got the kids through it safely. A very few kids decided it wasn’t fun and left the program. A few of those actually came back and played a year or two later, successfully. I had one young man who started playing with us as a seven year old. Scared to death of the ball and trembled when he would come up to bat. He really had no business being out there the first couple of years and his mom, (divorced and just wanting someone to watch the kid while she chased guys) wouldn’t work with him. His father lived in another part
  3. Never had a wristwatch last more than three days before even an expensive one became unrepairable!!! I’m left handed and wear a pocket style watch in a holder, hanging from my belt on the left side. I remember wearing the watch on my right arm and reaching over the top to wind it!
  4. We’ll be playing Saturday night!! I bet if he’s there, we could work him in!!
  5. Really fine actor!! Could play either side of the story!!
  6. Is this the gentleman who starred in the TV series Laredo and played opposite Clint Eastwood sequel to Every Which Way But Loose??
  7. This whole commercial illustrates that participation trophy attitude!! The jerk sits there and tells the child that he needn’t really try to compete, that it will do no good and that he will never excell!! I coached, refereed, and umpired for years when my son and his friends played sports!! My son is now forty years old. It had already begun, (the participation trophy thing) and some parents, like the fungus, had already begun to demean young athletes who actually tried to do their best! Moms and Dads like myself and Schoolmarm were sometimes taken to task by these “people” who
  8. Watching TV this morning, I saw this Mass Mutual commercial that should be “required viewing” for anyone who has children, with a critical and powerful explanation as to why this is SO WRONG!! This self important, politically correct fungus is sitting in the stands at a youth baseball game. There’s a kid at the plate, swinging a bat and what we’re going to assume is a mom standing, shouting encouragement to the child. This, (I can’t use terminology to describe him with any hope of remaining here in the future) is responding with comments to the effect that the child has
  9. It’s important to note that healthcare providers artificially inflate prices. Insurance companies discount the charges, so the providers jack the price higher to get the higher amount that insurance will pay as an agreed percentage. The healthcare providers won’t give you the same rate as that they offer a big insurance company! THESE are the things that need reform in the healthcare and insurance industries!!
  10. From my perspective, they already are!! You can add Baltimore and Boston to that list as well!!
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