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  1. Hopefully, the Titans will beat the Jackasses this Sunday. That'll confuse the issue even more!! I got no faith in the Titans yet, but I'm trying.
  2. Used what you gave me!!! Waste not, want not!!!
  3. I'm proud to have my moniker carved into that wall!! Three different cowboys had to drag me over to see it at BAC!! Yer in amongst some fine people when you're remembered there.
  4. If you're bucks up, an awning is one of the best additions. For low buck items, a set of big spot mirrors is great gift or an inexpensive backup monitor.
  5. Hey!! Colonel!!! Where do you want that hole???
  6. Lake was the driving force behind the band according to many DJs. Lots of good stuff remembered on XM radio today. I was just out of high school when TARKUS came out!!
  7. I'll work on the machinery. I'll cut trees. I'll even help keep the peace, (that don't apply here). But I AIN'T doin' no digging in the dirt!! CB!! Pitch me a couple of them Dynamite sticks!! Mutters under breath, "Ask me ta' dig!! What the HELL are YOU thinkin'???"
  8. Makes perfect sense to me!! I'll agree with both of you!!!
  9. Not really. I just figure between Calamity's shotgun and Bill's propensity toward pyrotechnic products, the likelihood of an epic episode of explosive events was eminent!!
  10. HEY!! CB!!! Let's don't blow the danged place up this year!! Whaddaya say???
  11. Hey, you ol' scoundrel!! I'm pulliin' for ya'!! Prayers goin' out from me 'n' Schoolmarm!!
  12. Put me down for two entries!! I think I can get Hatfield off from work this year so's he can come!!!
  13. I'm with y'all on the State Pen, er, ah, Penn State thing!! They beat Ohio State fair and square and they beat Wisconsin in the conference championship. I know, I know, Michigan beat them bad early in the year, but I doubt Harbaugh's boys could have done any better than OSU or Wisconsin come playoff time!! I'm not a fan of James Franklin because of the way he did Vandy three years ago, but he was right in what he said after the Little 10 championship game. ANYWAY.............ROLL TIDE!!!
  14. I was touring through a gun show and stopped at this table that had some gun leather, a few cowboy shirts and pants, and a pistol or two. The vendor had laid out some PAPER Chronicles on an adjoining table. We struck up a conversation and I left with a couple copies of the paper, a holster rig, and a '97 shotgun some guy was selling. I gave $250.00 for the shotgun, $150.00 for the holster rig, (a San Pedro left handed cross draw rig and firehose canvas shotgun belt) and a couple copies of the Chronicle. The vendor's name was Dutch Brandenburg and his alias was Judge John Lynchlaw! Tha
  15. I think I found us a tree!! There's a nice one over in Calamity's yard that ain't doin' nothin'! You reckon she'd mind???
  16. The crazy thing is, I've ordered lots of stuff and had it shipped USPS and even priority, and I've shipped the same way and never had a single problem. It's always when UPS or FedEx drop their stuff on USPS!!
  17. I sincerely beg to differ!!! The hot rum toddies and yankee pot roast are at the end of the bar!!
  18. If you wanna' see a convoluted shipping event, check this out. I ordered a headlight replacement kit for Ol' Green off of evil-bay!! It was shipped from California via FedEx last Monday!! Estimated delivery Monday, Dec 5, 2016 - Hide shipping details ✓ Shipping info received ✓ In transit Time and date Place Message Monday, Dec 5, 2016 8:58 AM ASHLAND CITY , TN Out for delivery - Out for delivery with the U.S. Postal Service Sunday, Dec 4, 2016 6:45 AM ASHLAND CITY , TN At U.S. Postal Service facility - Accepted by U.S. Postal Service Sunday, Dec 4, 2016 1:17 AM NASH
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