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  1. My eight year old grandson already has lots of experience around guns. I carry all of the time. My son also carries all of the time. Guns are NOT a curiosity to him. My sister-in-law gave me a huge leather recliner several years ago. When I sit in that recliner, I place my carry pistol on a table next to the chair. There are other chairs and a couch, as well as other small tables scattered around the room. Bopper, my grandson, is part monkey and climbs all over the furniture and can get from one end of the room to the other and never touch the floor. We have stressed gun safety an
  2. I'm with you, UB!! Some friends I'll never get a chance to meet in this lifetime are on that list.
  3. I figured out a LONG time ago that if I had to "Develop" a taste for something, it wasn't good!
  4. DAMN!! I MISS MY PARD!! Thanks for the thought. I've just finished my Christmas packages and me 'n' Schoolmarm are headed to the post office again. My buddy, 'Bama is sorely missed today!!! Thank you, Allie, for bringing this old thread back around!! I'm once again celebrating the health of my lover and of those I hold dear. She's STILL in total remission and now happily retired. We made our trip out west, (sorry we couldn't stop to see all of you) and now we're planning a run through the northeast, (mainly New England) for the spring. So once again, I offer the greeti
  5. I ain't sorry, UB!! The Titans stunk up the place too!! If they don't stop trying to not lose, they're gonna' blow it!! At least they control their hopes. If they win out, they are the AFC South champs.
  6. They ONLY serve these "delicacies" to un-initiated foreigners! They really eat cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and steak when we're not around!!!!
  7. Just short of the stratosphere, the tree is caught by the wind, turning it back to a vertical orientation. It pauses for a second as it reaches its zenith........
  8. A hats off SALUTE to a fine Cowboy!! WELL DESERVED!!!
  9. Never know there, Studdly. You might be tickled!!!
  10. And here I was!! Thinkin' of shootin' Outlaw Steampunk Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter!! SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!
  11. There is NO better state championship shoot ANYWHERE!!! There is NO more BEAUTIFUL range!!! Come and see us!!!
  12. LOVE IT!!! I'll try to make this one!! I really enjoy the range and the folks that make this happen are tops!!!!
  13. Send a bunch of that white stuff my way!!! Ain't had a white Christmas in years!!! My grandson has never seen snow at Christmas!! Me 'n' Schoolmarm would really LOVE it!!!
  14. The effects are much harder to make work when using Black Powder. IF!! you can find colored smoke markers, (like used for marking air drops) you might be able to do some colored smoke. For non pyrotechnic sparkles, use mylar sequins. Glitter is too small and can easily get around eye protections, AND it doesn't show up well. The sequins, cotton balls, feathers, or crepe paper needs to be added in with shot. For pyrotechnic stuff, you'll need to buy and disassemble fireworks like Roman candles and the like. These can be used with shotgun shells and with pistol/rifle cartridges. Sort o
  15. Hopefully, the Titans will beat the Jackasses this Sunday. That'll confuse the issue even more!! I got no faith in the Titans yet, but I'm trying.
  16. Used what you gave me!!! Waste not, want not!!!
  17. I'm proud to have my moniker carved into that wall!! Three different cowboys had to drag me over to see it at BAC!! Yer in amongst some fine people when you're remembered there.
  18. If you're bucks up, an awning is one of the best additions. For low buck items, a set of big spot mirrors is great gift or an inexpensive backup monitor.
  19. Hey!! Colonel!!! Where do you want that hole???
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