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  1. The only problem with subscribing to this site is that Bloomin’ Idiot and company will count you as supporting their crap! “This many people subscribe and support our cause!”


     The good thing about that is it COULD give them a false sense of security if enough 2A supporters signed up!

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  2. Mine was the ‘69 series when the Mets took it from Baltimore!


     I had psycology class and the teacher was from Baltimore.  After they won the first game, he started bragging that the series was over.  I bet him that the Mets would win the series and if they didn’t, he could fail me for the semester!


    He countered with if the Mets won, he’d pass me with all “A”s!


    :lol: :rolleyes:

  3. 22 minutes ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    Notice how all this BS seems to happen at once. Must be to keep us grumpy. Keep up the good work.:D

    YEAH!!  Mama said there’d be days like this.





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  4. I imagine most of ya’s are aware of what happened to me yesterday!


    Today, the water heater quit!!  Gonna get Hatfield to do the physical labor, tomorrow! It’s under the house and I ain’t gonna try to fix it, (the heating elements have failed) with the cast on my foot and the knot on my head.


    GRUMP !!

  5. There was a great, in depth, on engine oil filter test done on Engine Masters, a show that appears on the Motor Trend HD network. They ran multiple filters on an actual engine that was mounted on an engine dynamometer.  

    That test was very well conducted and controlled and the results were well presented.


    If you’re really interested, I think you can find it on demand from your provider.

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  6. I’m recovering nicely!  Slept well last night and no major aches or problems.  Just a little bit of a black eye on the right side and even that is hardly noticeable.


     The skint places on my head and forearm have dried up well and everything else is fine.


    Thanks again for your well wishes and for sharing the humor!  I was really angry when it happened and being able to laugh it off, with a little help, will speed up the healing!!

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  7. 18 minutes ago, PowderRiverCowboy said:

    Why you will just fall over and smack your head :(

    That wouldn’t keep me from shooting there!


    All jokes aside, the World Shooting Complex is a fabulous facility. There are twelve dedicated bays to shoot CAS with high berms and easy access. They also have hundreds of camping sites and bath and shower facilities. I’ve been there many times and STILL haven’t seen the whole place!


    The only negative at this point is a lack of hotel/motel facilities really close by.


    It’s far more centrally located, geographically, and there are numerous permanent on site facilities that can be used for related activities!!

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