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  1. It would actually happen somewhere below 90 if you were checking speed at the point wobble initiated, but if you were only doing 90 and stopped that hard it wasn’t as likely. It differed some with different riders. Kawasaki representatives told us it had to do with complex geometry of the frame and suspension pieces interacting during extreme stops from speed. Looking back, I would have preferred for the wobble to have occured at thirty-five rather than ninety if it HAD TO happen at all!! In a panic one day, I hauled back on the bars, went to wide open throttle and dow
  2. The first time I experienced the “death wobble” was on that Kawasaki in 1972. No air suspension on that little devil. It would quake and shake so hard it shook the filament out of the headlight sealed beam!! I was a “healthy” 19 year old, but it was almost all I could do the muscle that thing down to where it would straighten out. It WAS fairly predictable! If you were over 130 mph and stopped hard using the front brake first, it would try to jerk the bars out of your hands three times out of ten. We found a steering damper that cut the likelihood to one in ten. Got rid of it b
  3. Dave! I’ve owned Harleys all my life and never encountered the death wobble on one. I did have a Kawasaki 750 three cylinder that would do it on hard deceleration once in a while and a Norton Atlas that did it once. I traded the Norton for a KRK Sportster. I’ve seen others experience it on ‘bout every popular brand of motorcycle there is, from small dirt bikes to big baggers. I never knew it was specifically called the “Harley Davidson Death Wobble”.
  4. Access to the scores is on the other Black Gold thread!!
  5. I have noted that most novice riders become comfortable and begint to ride smoothly and safely when they accept the idea that you push the handlebar that’s on the side you want to turn to. Many beginner courses fail to properly explain this and some don’t explain it at all!! I refer to it as “GYROING” to explain it!! They didn’t teach Schoolmarm about it when she took the course, ( I got my license in 1967, looooong before motorcycle safety courses were ever thought of!!) and they didn’t have facilities to let new potential riders reach speeds where the effect begins to take place. When sh
  6. Condolences from my family and me. May she rest in the right hand of God.
  7. Our own Badger Mountain Charlie is from Chester, Illinois!! The first time that I shot a match at the Sparta range, my traveling companions and I stayed in Chester.
  8. When I first got my license, I was 14 and a half years old. You could ride anything up to 650cc. I did the written test for car/trucks and then took the motorcycle written test. Back in 1967 you could get a provisional driver’s license if you could show a need. I drove my mom’s big ol’ ‘64 Caddy from the car portion of the test with an examiner in the passenger seat. It was January and bitter cold. For the riding portion, the examiner stood inside the glass doors and had me ride around the block. She could see me for a half a block, out to a traffic light. After that, she could see me the ot
  9. The top amount you can receive is about 62% of your equity. You’ll need for the value of the property to increase at a greater rate than the interest rate in order to keep the interest from eating up your remaining equity. If you intend for your heirs to get anything out of the property at your passing, this is probably NOT the best avenue to take!! We borrowed against the equity in our home to build the shop, make improvements in the house, and to get a little joy out of our labors. We STILL owe less than half of the value of the property, our mortgage interest
  10. Here’s another shot from lunch a while back!! We visited one of the Confederate headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee. That cannon ball is the one he wants Utah Bob to have. It has some historical significance that I don’t recall!! We had a great day!
  11. I just wanted to brighten things up around here!!
  12. Got here just before 2:00 pm!! The feller at the desk at the Heritage Inn says there are still a few rooms available!! Gonna’ head down to the range in a little bit!! If yer still on the fence, there’s still time!!
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