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  1. I wish one of MY sleepless nights had produced a hit like this…
  2. WHAT?? No Japanese, no Italian, no German?? After all, Hamburger IS German!!
  3. Had some of this discussion last night. I’m liable to shoot my brass shells in any of a dozen different shotguns. For that reason, I’m using the CH4D dies. Not only do they properly resize any of the four different brands of shell that I’ve acquired, but they put a gentle roll crimp on them that eliminates the need for gluing the overshot cards into place.
  4. Anyone who received those cards in exchange for a firearm that they surrendered should file criminal charges against those in charge of the program for fraud!!
  5. I have already contacted both of my senators and, in case this legislation were to make its way to the House of Representatives, I’ve also notified my congressman as well!!
  6. After half a day in the insurance agent’s office comparing Medicare Advantage plans, this feels appropriate!
  7. I spent the better part of the day reviewing and selecting a new Medicare plan . My old plan dropped some of the things I needed most and went up on co-pays for specialists and physical therapy. I’m exceedingly grateful that I don’t have to do that every day!!! At least I got to have a good meal afterwards. Schoolmarm treated us both to a late lunch at Red Lobster. Lonster, scallops, and shrimp along with mac and cheese and seasoned rice! STILL!! I hate this Medicare stuff enough that I’m aggravated with dealing with it this morning!!!
  8. Somebody leaked their back room back door shenanigans!! What if someone filed charges against the whole lot of ‘em for “Conspiracy to deprive persons of their civil rights“??
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