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  1. Hey Red!! I sent ya a PM!! I promise it’ll work!!
  2. I’ve had more than one “Scotch Aficionado” offer me a sample of what he or she considered “good Scotch”. While I will admit that some tasted better than others, it’s like saying that some grades of kerosene and diesel fuels taste better than others!! I don’t drink much any more! As a teenager, I drank mostly vodka. I’ve told the story here before of the misspent years of my youth and won’t retell it here. I drank beer with friends because it was socially expected. I despise the taste of beer and wine is no better! I can drink bourbon and rye is passable as well. Noz turned me on to Irish whiskey and I like it well enough. I like good moonshine as well as anything going. A good cowboy pard makes a real fine version of the famous “Apple Pie” that I am nearly smitten with! BUT!! If I am drinking “socially”, I’ll order a Black Russian, double, on the rocks, TOP SHELF!!!
  3. Here's hoping that we see photos of this wonderful lady sitting next to her own Christmas tree in a couple of weeks!! I spent last Christmas in the rehab facility. Despite numerous visitors and great help and lots of attention from the doctors and staff, Christmas in a bed other than your own is a very lonely thing!! Best Wishes again for Michelle and Freddy in the new holiday season!!
  4. That sauce wasn't used on pizza. Served over pasta, usually fettuccine or linguine. Pizza was always cracker thin, crispy crust with a sweet tomato sauce and mozzarella. Sometimes one of my aunts would throw on some pepperoni and my mom would put ground up Italian sausage on the ones she made. You wanted the crust to be just pliable enough to fold it in half so's you could eat it with one hand and hold your drink in the other!!
  5. Looks great!! Had one a lot like it earlier in the day!!
  6. By the time I got to age twelve, I had been, for more than a year, taller and heavier than my mother. My dad had busted my @$$ so many times I had hide like saddle leather back there!! NOTHING infuriated my mother like beating on my backside ‘til her hands were bruised and she was out of breath, only to have me look at her and ask, “Are you through??” From age twelve on, it was, “Wait ‘til your father gets home!!”
  7. I always try to keep numerous varieties of cheese in my larder!!
  8. The New York/New Jersey, Italian part of my dad’s family all called it sauce and not one of them ever made meatballs!! They always added chunks of Italian Sausage that had been browned in a large iron skillet! Most of them were Sicilian, but some were from around Turin as well. EDIT: The only cook in the family who made meatballs was my mother, a hillbilly from Tennessee. Everyone liked ‘em, but they all swore that meatballs weren’t really Italian!!
  9. I would just about give my eye teeth to see EVERY nitwit who calls an AR15 a “Military Grade” weapon be handed a REAL military grade weapon and have it explained by military personnel what the differences are!! Better yet!! Have EVERY news caster, (I refuse to call these talking heads journalists!!!) be instructed, ON TELEVISION, as to what a “Military Grade” weapon really is!!
  10. Congrats, Badger!! My most sincere condolences to Mrs. Badger!! She is truly a saint and an angel!!
  11. Diced pepperoni, ground Italian Sausage, ground chuck, and ground lamb with mushrooms, red onion, and fennel lightly browned and simmered in your sauce/gravy for several hours. Serve it over angel hair pasta that has been tossed in garlic butter and shredded Romano cheese! Lightly toasted garlic bread with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, olive oil and butter on the side!
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