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  1. Can you imagine how they would respond to a party line or an actual phone operator?? Imagine their response to an old style ratcheting bumper jack!! I would love to be there when one of them encountered a ‘60 Chevy with a “three on the tree”!!!
  2. I’d seriously love to get back to Paradise Pass!! Here’s hopin’!!!
  3. He also does some of the best hand checkering and carving around! Wood, bone, or ivory!!
  4. I’ve had lots of work done by Willy. From my ‘75 Remington match guns to my cap ‘n’ ball ‘60 replicas. SEVERAL ‘97s to my 1860 Henry and a dozen or more doubles, Marlin pumps, and my carry sidearms. He even made a Taurus pump rifle work reliably for me! He sometimes takes longer to get it done, but he’s thorough and extremely detail oriented.
  5. At least he wasn’t a bass player!! Q; Why do bass players so seldom get a solo? A; ‘Cause even their girlfriends don’t listen!
  6. I have never fired an actual 9mm firearm. It just never happened. The standard magazines for my .45acp EDC sidearms carry 13 and 14 rounds respectively. I realize that .357 cal firearms are very close to 9mm and I HAVE shot many of those.
  7. We’re seeing the future much better than this phony “clairvoyant” claims to!! Their plan becomes more evident every minute!! Unless and until the SCOTUS completely, and with finality, prohibits these invasions of the privacy of law abiding citizens, power hungry culprits, both elected and appointed, will continue to circumvent the Constitution and “declare” illegal legislation to try to subjugate the populace!!
  8. If all you can find to work for you are idiots, why should you pay competent wages??
  9. Having friends and family away during the holidays has been a matter of course for my entire life. Father, uncles, cousins, schoolmates, friends, students, and the kids I coached in ball and now some of their kids all stood and delivered!! Some didn’t come home. It’s a gift that they have given us, some at the utmost expense to themselves! SOMETHING ELSE FOR US TO BE GRATEFUL FOR IN THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!!
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