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  1. Hey Blackwater I have a close friend that wants to know your real name. He’s been in the nmusic business for over 30 years. Now he does the sound system every year at the state fair in Louisville   His name is Eric Yates. He believes he knows you. He had a Rock Band a Long time ago, he comes from a line of musicians. His band was Hush.


    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      I’m Tommy Roehrich. My band is Milkbone and I’ve also worked with Dean Hall, Tom T’s son, on the NASCAR infield tour when Winston was the major sponsor.

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  2. All kidding aside, I'm praying your latest graft works.

    If you ever need to talk, I'm here.


    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      I appreciate it!!  I’m blessed with many friends like you who constantly show support!



  3. How are you holding my friend?

    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      I’m hangin’ in there like hair in a biscuit!!


       I got to put a shoe/boot on the right foot starting yesterday!  Left one will be a while healing up.  


      A good friend has stepped up to play bass for the band. He’s a professional with major tour experience and a show in his own right.  One of those guys women wet themselves over! :lol:


      Glad you asked!  Thanks for caring!!  I’ll call you in the next day or two!!

  4. Haven't kept up for a while.  Saw the post in Ky St Match about cast on the bad foot. What did they do to you this time ?

    I was supposed to get new knee til kovid raised it's ugly head.

    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      Had another infection that required surgery back in June.  They decided to leave the incision open and pack it. Took ‘til the first of December to get it closed up and they had me in a soft cast for six weeks while doing stem cell grafts.  Every week, they would cut the old cast off , do another implant, and put on a new cast.  I got out of the last cast early in December.


      Blasted things put my back and hips out of kilter and favoring the boot they had me wearing to protect the cast caused me to rub a sore spot on my good foot!!


      ’Bout healed up all around for the moment, but I’m betting that sometime soon they’ll want to remove the second toe on my right foot. I broke it about 50 years ago. One joint fused and over the years it has begun to turn up.  It has gotten to the point where it chafes against the top of my shoes.


       I gonna be jus’ fine!!


      How are the two of you doing???

  5. Hey thar Blackwater...got my 10 gauge at long last !  But now I have to git somethang to load up wif.  Got any iders ? How much you spect them'll run ?

    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      You can get 10ga black powder ammo from Gad Custom Ammunition.  They're on the inter web. I bought 2 boxes of 25 rounds and a bag of 100 Federal hulls cut to fit my chamber length.  The old guy that runs it is pretty unique and I haven't bought anything from him in several years, but his stuff is first rate!!

  6. I actually talked to Studdly last weekend on the phone.  He is struggling with health issues, but says he's gonna' beat it!  He sent out an e-mail a few weeks ago that worried some of us, so I had sent him a message to call me. 


    He sounded weak and short of breath. He told me that he was sorry for any offense he'd caused, explaining that some of it was medication issues.  He promised to keep me informed of any changes and assured me that he would be okay.  His daughter is helping him get around and kinda' watching over him.


    Just thought you'd like to know.


    Tennessee Stud is a friend and helped me through a situation that I couldn't handle myself!  I'll always be in his corner.


  7. I saw you were having foot problems. I got this funny from a friend who is having problems but retains his good humor.


    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      TOO FUNNY!!  Still got all of my toes, but I'm missing a big chunk outta' the sole of my foot!!


      Schoolmarm saysit looks like a shark took a bite out of it! :lol::lol:

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