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  1. The cost of reloading ammo can be made up in just a few matches with something like the Lee Classic Turret kit from Kempf gun shop. There are other Classic kits out there, but with Kemph you get everyting you need for the press. The one extra is to add the upgrade powder measure. You will need a tumbler and media, scales, caliper and Hornady One Shot case lube. And a good reloading manual, I suggest Richard Lee's and Lyman 50th. All of this will run you about $350. Reloading is very easy to learn and will save you a bundle of cash. And if you have time to practice there is time to reload. Good Luck https://kempfgunshop.com/Kempf_Kit_w/_Lee_Classic_Turret_Press_-90064Kit-6575.html https://kempfgunshop.com/Brass_Cleaning_Polishing-1284/ https://kempfgunshop.com/MTM_Mini_Digital_Scale-mtmmds-6484.html https://kempfgunshop.com/Books-1307/ You can figure out the costs here; http://www.handloads.com/calc/loadingCosts.asp Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  2. Lots of good info on casting from this stie LASC. Good Luck http://www.lasc.us/Fryxell_Book_Contents.htm Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  3. Hmm If the Ford part was built in Mexico, then crossed the border without paying any taxes that would be historically accurate
  4. Very nice .....like others have mentioned the height is up there. Think of a little lady or buckaroo with a 26" double barrel trying to get them open enough for a reload. Good Luck
  5. Howdy Bill, IINM unless there are some custom features, the letter is only gonna verify that they are real, when they were made and what part of the country they were shipped to. IMHO repairing broken parts (replacing a spring..etc) to make them function will not make them any less authentic, and some original parts can be found. After you get your letter find a gunsmith that can fix em if you're not comfortable doing it yourself. And if in good shape shoot em ever now and again.....with real BP only . Good Luck Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  6. Yep, should be Historically Accurate............and that is Correct....Period.
  7. Yep, I started with Titegroup, and then to Clays when I took up shotshell loading also. IMHO Titegroup has a loud sharp report and more recoil for the same fps. Did a little testing and found light loads of Clays could be both temerature and position sensitive, just needed to bump 'em up to the mid range and they ran fine. Nothing effects my 2f and 3f I've since gone to Red Dot for all my smokeless stuff. Good Luck Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  8. That was gonna be my question, what size dia. bullet are you using. I don't know what Rossi likes. Uberti 73 are mostly .429 with originals at .427 (heard the new Win were 427) I couldn't get my rounds to come close to chambering in origional, had to resize to .427. Good Luck Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  9. Yeaaa!! Great 12/23 update. More knee mail on the way..............and Merry Christmas
  10. Yep, I always had to park my Corvair on a hill cause it may start and then again it may not . The Stoeger may fire the first barrel, but for the second it may not. SKB is a world apart from the feel of a 2x6 Stoeger. IMHO the Baikal is a much better SXS on a budget, they all will need a little action work for this game/sport. I've heard of a few CZ shooters, another one that will need action work and cost a little more than the Baikal. Haven't heard alot about the one Cimarron has now, be interesting to know the cost plus action work compared to the Baikal or CZ, maybe some of our fine gunsmiths will chime in. Good Luck Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  11. Owwwww!! Hope you get to feeling better soon pard. I need to watch out too, Heather is always telling me to "PICK UP YER FEET!!" Good Luck Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  12. Nothing says Christmas like BP smoke and mustard colored brass
  13. Thanks Allie, we sure need to swing that pendulum in his favor. More knee mail on the way.
  14. I always thought smoke and fire were good colors for BP Need more?.....just add more BP Good Luck
  15. Howdy Scottcost and Welcome. What Jabez said....try before you buy. IMHO the Bakail is much better in that price range. But before you buy anything start going to as many local matches as you can find. Try out the different firearms, you may find a good buy, or may decide to buy one slicked up by one of our fine gunsmiths. Get ahold of the MD, they may be able to have some gear you can try. Don't rush, spend yer money wisely the first time. Good Luck Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  16. Powder Inc usually has good prices.....I've been buying KIK there lately. Most the major suppliers have free shipping and hazmat for 25-50lbs. John Boy listed a fireworks place that had BP for a good price, maybe he'll chime in here. Good Luck Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  17. AR 500 3/8" @ 16"x16" will last forever. Will need to get them (or 400) cut. For just you and low velocity lead bullets 1/4" will work. IMHO Arntzen Targets have the best type of stand, we have either bought new or refitted all of our existing targets and stands to this style. Good Luck http://arntzentargets.com/products.htm Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  18. Well there's a (you know) Joe that we still don't need to hear from I kinda miss "Reverand Say Yer Prayers" He could hold his own in a good debate.......and pert near argue with a fence post Heck, he even let the fence post win ever now and then Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  19. Yep, dominant eye on front sight, other eye regular script (with bifocal if needed). You can use a sharp pencil at arms length for focus. Luckily my eye doc was well versed at different shooting glasses and knew exactly what I needed, he used 32" from nose as a base, which is very close to where my pistol front sight would be. I went with transistion lenses, they work great. Add a set of B-52 side shields, I have 2 pair of tinted and 2 clear.....tinted is all I use. Good Luck Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  20. None, I color code everything with different Sharpies on the bottom of the brass (after I checked for hi-primer) BP gets one black stripe, if the case is headed for splitsville it get two black dots (for pistol only) Normal Red Dot gets a red and green stripe, hotter loads red only. Clays is blue. I put a small x on the bottom of shotshells, four or five Xs on an STS means they are now ready for BP, and those get a big X, which means they will be trashed. I pour all of my bullets so I can tell just by looking.what bullet it is. I also mark the batches of lead, randomly on the end of 1lb ingots, I run about a 10.5 for most of my CAS shooting. Good Luck Jefro Relax-Enjoy
  21. Oh Yeaaa!! Great to hear from you PW, sounds like yer close to firing on all CYLINDERS Ops wrong color Good Luck Jefro Relax-Enjoy
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