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  1. On 1/18/2017 at 11:01 AM, Chili Pepper Pete 11917 said:

    Funny about the Picture Wyatt posted, The gun is in backwards, Strange!!!


    That's the way Wyatt likes it:lol:

    On 1/18/2017 at 7:13 AM, Wyatt said:


    Wyatt!!:o  I thought you gave up them fancy cigars:wacko::ph34r:

  2. A few things I do like about this, the hover feature, it's easy reading and posting pictures.

    Q: Can our signature lines be recouped. On another thread, Misty said she would check it out

    Q: And the Quick Navigator is gone, can we get that back?? It made it real easy to go back and forth to the other SASS sites. If you mean the little box on the right of the forums list, I miss it too. Like I wrote earlier, I asked the office staff to have someone monitor this thread. This is something I hope gets restored.

    Q: Can our notes be found. I had several notes in the profile section from when I first started. A couple of them were from Driftwood Johnson and J Mark Flint with some  early BP tips. Others were rules interpretations  from PW with examples. Help, tech support!


    03/11/2017 Saturday: Signatures were restored this morning (last night?).

  3. Red Dot is more temp sensitive than most.


    Huh?? :huh: Never heard or seen that before, and I know alota folks that use Red Dot, and some that load right at min. Red Dot is a clean fast burning powder, not position or temp sensitive. They have to be loading way below min to get it to act like Rangers. I load Red Dot in all my smokeless stuff .38, .45, 44/40, 45acp, 12 ga....never a problem.....but I prefer BP :D Good Luck :)


    Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy

  4. Howdy John Boy, for CFDA loading 209s I just put the box upside down on the bunch and push tray-pull carton. They are all in line upside down on the bench. I like the primer feed on my Grabber, once you have the right height drop you may need to adjust the tube in or out to hit perfect every time. To fine tune use open end wrenches on retaining clip and ease up or down depending where you need the primer to fall. Minor adjustments can be made with feed tube installed using wrench on both sides of the clip. When in doubt remove the primer feed and add a filler block, or screwdriver tip or shaft to take up the space inside the clip. Then adjust in (down) or out (up) with good fitting wrenches. Good Luck :)


    Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy

  5. Shooter was not told what to do with second pistol. Now, if said shooter really needed to be told what to do with the first three guns, they're standing there with a gun in their hand not having a clue what to do with it. However, had they ever read the Stage Conventions they would know and you wouldn't have to tell them the first four times....

    Ta Daaaa!! :)

  6. Is a pistol string all rounds from both pistols or does the inclusion of other guns between the pistol create two separate pistol strings?


    It is a "possible" action and I do not see a definitive answer in the books.

    All I really want to do is get the call correct; regardless of what the call ends up being.

    Howdy Creeker, IMHO it is covered in several locations from RO I, by definiton a shooting string ends with shots from one type of firearm prior to the next type. As soon as you start shooting a different firearm the prior string is over. GF or B-W shooting GF are the only categories allowed to stage pistols on prop or table, unless otherwise specified in stage instructions. BTW, I do like your stages and have been know to use them to add some western flavor. Good Luck :)

    RO I Stage Conventions p13

    7. Revolvers are returned to leather after the shooting string.

    RO I p15

    A shooting string is defined as shots from one type of firearm prior to the next type of firearm engaged.

    RO I Definitions p31

    Shooting string – shots from one type of firearm prior to use of the next type of firearm engaged.


    Penalty- Not returning revolvers to leather unless otherwise specified.


    Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy

  7. BUT IMO best remind the GF he must use both hands. I can see where the GF sets up his gun to shoot Duelist and uses both with strong hand. Yes he should know the rules. BUT I've seen it happen and get called.





    Don't see what all the fuss is about.

    I don't either, we've been shooting split pistols since we signed up for SASS many moons ago. If you want shooters to have an option usually not permited in their category say it in stage instructions. There are Stage Conventions, rules and definitions for all to read. No need to remind GF or any other category what their limitations are. When in doubt :huh: ask when the stage is read. Other than that "STAND BY......BEEP" :D Good Luck :)


    Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy

  8. In this case, yes, you would have two separate revolver strings and two separate shotgun strings. Meaning the first pistol should be returned to leather for non GF, UNLESS your stage instructions give the shooter permission to stage the revolver(s) between strings.



    Good luck, GJ


    Yep, if you want to allow non-GF to be able to stage the first pistol on prop then it needs to say this in stage instructions. When I write stages I always put notes at the bottom that say sumpin like; Sweeps may start on either end, sweeps may go in either direction. Stage Conventions apply. I see no gray area, GF may choose different ways to shoot this stage. I think everything here is covered by Stage Conventions, rules and definitions.

    Stage Conventions RO I p13

    7. Revolvers are returned to leather after the shooting string.

    8. Revolvers are drawn and used in accordance with the shooter’s category.

    RO I p15

    6. Revolvers are returned to leather (re-holstered) with hammer down on a spent case or empty

    chamber at the conclusion of the shooting string, unless the stage description specifically

    directs otherwise; e.g., “move to next position and set gun on table or prop.” A shooting

    string is defined as shots from one type of firearm prior to the next type of firearm engaged.

    (Gunfighters may choose to shoot five rounds, safely stage their loaded revolvers, hammer

    down on a spent cartridge, shoot another firearm, retrieve the revolvers, and finish the

    “shooting string” before re-holstering.)

    Definitions p31

    Shooting string – shots from one type of firearm prior to use of the next type of firearm engaged.


    Or you could use two shooting postions; 1st five pistol rounds table 1....move to table 2. SG, Rifle, SG, Pistol. Good Luck :)



  9. Dang I hate to hear that. I know he had people here in Onslow Co. NC, and we would often PM each other about having lunch at the River View Cafe. As luck would have it when he was here we were gone....hope to see ya down the road pard. Prayers up to family and friends.

  10. I tried finding gloves I could shoot well in - never did.


    So, now I use large well insulated gloves that are easy to get on and off, with a hand warmer packet in each. Right before leaving the loading table, off come the gloves. Shoot, and at the unloading table, they go back on. Minute 30 at the most. Get a pair with a snap connector that joins the gloves and you can hang them over the back of your shotgun belt.


    Good luck, GJ

    This...plus propane. A good warm pair of gloves, hand warmers if you need them and I have several different Coleman propane heaters. The two newer models I put at the loading tables, the direct heat one hangs on my gun cart. You're only gonna be without heat for a little over a minute. ;) Good Luck :)


    Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy

  11. The cost of reloading ammo can be made up in just a few matches with something like the Lee Classic Turret kit from Kempf gun shop. There are other Classic kits out there, but with Kemph you get everyting you need for the press. The one extra is to add the upgrade powder measure. You will need a tumbler and media, scales, caliper and Hornady One Shot case lube. And a good reloading manual, I suggest Richard Lee's and Lyman 50th. All of this will run you about $350. Reloading is very easy to learn and will save you a bundle of cash. And if you have time to practice there is time to reload. Good Luck :)






    You can figure out the costs here; http://www.handloads.com/calc/loadingCosts.asp


    Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy

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