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  1. On 10/18/2020 at 11:07 AM, Isom Dart, SASS#8096 said:

    To me ,,,,,, it seemed like the Graf's burned a little cleaner than the Goex. " AGAIN ,,, TO ME ". Both in 2f. Other than that ,,, no difference.


    Graf's used to be Schuetzen which does burn a little cleaner than Goex, (and smells sweeter according to some lady shooters) don't now why they switched. Got my last batch at Maine Powder House. Good Luck:)

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  2. 23 hours ago, Shooting Bull said:


    Another vote for this ^ 


    (UTO is the previous shooter unless we have someone on the posse who is physically unable to perform other duties and volunteers to be the dedicated UTO) 

    Yep, and/or whomever is returning the shooters brass:)


    11 hours ago, Turkey Flats Jack said:

    A dedicated LTO is rare at the matches that I attend even when there's 20+ people per posse. What is normal for us is the shooter loading behind you checks your pistols before you holster. It seems to be more of an honor system though and many times I have to ask to be checked. 

    Yep, at the shooters meeting we are reminded that everyone is a LTO, once you have checked the pistols, rifle, and SG shells of shooter in front of you then their on their own.;)  Last shooter gets checked by shooter in front or who ever is wandering by:)

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  3. 14 hours ago, Grass Range said:

    But he has 500 rounds of these moly bullets and likes to shoot black and not smokeless

    Sell them, trade them, melt them into Big Lube mold and use BP lube, 12 stages no problem;) Good Luck:)

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  4. 59 minutes ago, Cliff Hanger #3720LR said:


    Check the velocity.

    If it is low then bump up the powder charge to get the bullet to move through the forcing and not stop.


    I would say there is a cylinder to forcing cone alignment issue if it is happening in the same chamber or if it is happening in two different cylinders.

    What Cliff said, it takes more power to push a light bullet. Try some factory rounds to see if it happens there. Years ago at  an  ER shooting school he had us shooting paper to find out where we actually hitting, said most guns have one cylinder that is just a little off, find it, mark it so you never load it.  Good Luck:) Never mind I type to slow, glad you got figured out;)

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  5. 9 hours ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:


    I'm not questioning your actions as they seem to be within the rules. I guess I just thought that, if the seller accepted your offer for less than the posted price, it would make the sale an auction.


    Again, I don't understand what is okay in the Classifieds and had many questions about them.

    Howdy Miss Allie, lets say Hoss has that hat for sale (1st I'll Take It) for $6.00. I call him on the phone and tell him "I don't want that ugly hat band on that hat" I'll give you $5 bucks and you keep the hat band". Hoss says "well, you give me $5 bucks and then buy me an RC Cola next time I see you". "ok" "ok". Now, I still have go to classifieds and post an "I'll Take It" so Hoss can mark it SOLD. If while we were haggling on the phone (or PM) and someone posted an I'll Take It first, then that's the end. They get the hat and the ugly band.;) 

        By the way, we now have our neighbors cat:wub: First one I ever liked:) 

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  6. 16 minutes ago, Hoss said:

    In my mind, if a poster says “first I’ll take it, gets it” then a buyer asking a question assumes the risk that someone else may buy it no questions asked. 

    ive seen items that I was interested in, but not at the quoted price. I typically send a OM with my offer. If somebody says I’ll take it at posted price I respect sellers right to sell it to him. 

    Ta Daaaa!!;)

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  7. Local eye Doc knew exactly what I wanted. Left lens my regular script + bifocal........right eye for front sight. Added a pair of B-52 side shields. Works great, and easy to read stages. Used the same type wire frames I wear now with the darkest gray progressive tint. Good Luck:)

  8. Howdy BK, lotta matches between now and October...go to as many as you can. Call the MD and they can usually have enough guns and gear for you to try. Most of the time folks will be handing you all the guns you need to carry;) Best to try before you buy...Good Luck:)



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  9. This is a great place to shoot, and the food is good. I went there several years ago and shot the Indiana Black Powder Guild match. I sure wish I could make this one. Good Luck y'all:)

  10. On 7/18/2020 at 3:28 PM, Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 said:

    CLAYS will indeed be a great choice.  Unless you like REALLY light loads, stick with 7/8 ounce in the CB 1178 wad, with about 15 grains of powder in the Winchester AA hulls (also works in Rem STS hulls).   Neither will require more than just "touching the powder" wad seating pressure.  And at the low chamber pressure this load makes, any primer will be fine.


    Good luck, GJ

    This, 7/8oz shot , Gray wad, 14-15gr Clays. Good Luck:)

  11. On 7/12/2020 at 1:58 PM, Lunger Dan said:

    of goin' injun when it's hot out,only wearing a vest and the first .45 round in your rifle string lands between the gut and the bandoleer! Don't stop shootin'!


    Dang Dan:o, is that when I was stepping on your toes??:ph34r:


    20 hours ago, Cat Brules said:

     I guess the point is to wear 100% natural fibers, keep your body completely covered, wear your Western hat, and drink a lot of water.   

    He dresses like Injun, as in no shirt, nor shoes...etc..etc...but he does drink alota water.;)

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  12. 3 hours ago, Calvera said:

    Thanks Jefro.  

    Did you file down the sights for SASS then?  Or to help you fast draw?



    Howdy Calvera, I filed the sights for SASS, it was probably 8 - 10 years later that I picked CFDA. I've had the pleasure to shoot with some CFDA top guns at both state and regional championships, I don't know of any that removed the front sight. The way you  I draw the front sight is not dragging in the holster. IMHO it would be a waste of time and multi use of a good firearm.  Go shoot it for a while first. Good Luck:)

  13. 1. Was SASS (or CAS) your first foray into an organized firearms competition?


    a.  What shooting game or games did you play prior and why start SASS?

    None - plinking. SASS looked like something I could without breaking my back

    b.  Was the cost of those games more or less than your SASS cost?


    c.  Did you have to/ choose to delay SASS because of the costs?


    If you answered YES

    a.  What brought you to SASS as opposed to any other shooting sport?

    Saw it on TV while recovering from major back surgery

    b.  What hobby/ sport/ game did you participate in prior?

    Offshore/Inshore fishing

    c.  Were the costs of the above more or less than SASS entry?


    d.  Did you have to/ choose to delay SASS because of the costs?


  14. 18 hours ago, Calvera said:

    But the reason is to use one of the same guns for CFDA...and SASS.  




    I have a pair of GW II that I use for both. The front sight has been filled about 3/16" for my .45 Special 200gr Red Dot load. I don't think you are really gonna gain anything by removing the front sight. Good leather with a cant that fits you and regular practice will more than overcome anything you think you might gain by removal.;) Good Luck:)

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