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  1. 22 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Your videos and explanation of SASS/CAS shoots were not accurate...certainly didn't show what the game of Cowboy Action Shooting is.


    I don't care what you do on your own time...what "game" you play. You exposed people that may never have heard about SASS/CAS to a false representation of the game.



    Told you it was a cool logo :P

    I want one!!B) Now if I could just find my Delorian I could make it back to the future. I sure do miss carry that wet dummy around, had to throw him up over a saddle. And if it slide off you had to put it back on. Trying to get on and off that horse was a lotta fun, the ladies loved it. Bout as much fun as carrying Gus's leg through the train. Oh yea speaking of leg, I remember the stage where you were hooked to a ball & chain and had to drag it around to each shooting position. And having to shoot from prone or on your knees, I always just took the P. Course I could always make it  back up with my expert knife and axe throwing skills.:wacko:



  2. 1 hour ago, Skullbone Willie said:

    I have a bag of bullets that I got from Scarlet Darling for APP, will they be greasy enough for real BP ? 

    No, you really need to buy some big lubes for a trouble free match. As for how many grains to use can be determined by the seating depth of the bullet. Here's a few photos from Driftwood Johnson. Good Luck:)

    A Few Photos Illustrating How to Determine Powder Compression (cascity.com)



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  3. 17 hours ago, Cholla said:

    The C45S is almost identical to 45 Autorim. The only real difference is in the rated pressure. Don't do warthog loads and you should be okay.

    Yep, Autorim is a good place to start.......I use a roll crimp.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Warden Callaway said:

    How did we survive 140 years without big lube bullets?  

    We didn't shoot 60 - 120 rounds in one setting. When Heather shoots we use the same guns, 120 rounds no problem, no swabbing. And Javalin or Alox will make a big mess with real BP.;)

  5. This is one of my old posts from CAS City with my favorite loads. I quit using the Win AA hulls and use only STS hulls now. I only have about 3,000 left after I bought out one of our retiring members:D Good Luck:)


    1 1/8oz - 54-57gr ffg with BPI short wad #72SSW..........my favorite for big matches ;)
    Short Shell #72SSW 
    1oz - 48-50gr ffg with BPI Helix Driver #18.......another big match fav
    Helix #18
    7/8oz - 43-45gr ffg with Win Pink wad AA12SL (CB1100-12).......my local fav ;D
    7/8oz - 45-47gr ffg with BPI Helix Driver #21......works good with the new two piece AA hulls
    Helix #21



  6. Crimp looks good, just right for an STS. Have you tried any STS hulls to see if does the same thing. I got rid of all my Win hulls, only got about 3000 STS left.:wacko: Very little gets past GJ's eagle eyes.;) Good Luck:)

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  7. I don't think it amounts to a hill of beans, unless there is a great distance between the shooting positions. I like to use SG to break up a stage ever now and again. And we allow plant & poke on most stages when it's safe to shoot from anywhere in between. Like the man said  "When it's time to move, MOVE!  Load/draw/shoot when you get there."



  8. 5 hours ago, Crossdraw, SASS # 6929 said:

    Maybe there is some confusion.  The Frontier model I am referring to is Taylor's Uberti reproduction of the Smith and Wesson new model 3. I think Beretta sold it as the Laramie model, which was discontinued as well.

    Yep, sorry bout that. The 1873 Frontier SA model imported by Cimarron is by Pietta. Tayors also carries  the Pietta by a different name. Gotta be real carfull now days with all the different names they use on the same import, especially when looking for a pistol with the firing pin on the hammer. Good Luck:)

  9. 25 minutes ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    I never heard of it. Does sound interesting. When did it come out?

    Would like to see a MSDS on it.


    Howdy OLG, I've been using it about 10+ years. It's used in shrink wrap for cars, bikes, boats....Also a lota stuff is treated with it for packaging parts, the Hornady powder drum is wrapped in what looks about like brown paper treated with it, I think it goes under the Cortex brand but it's the same stuff. Dies and shell plates come with a little 1"x1" cardboard piece in the box treated with it, no more need for camisol or heavy bearing grease on all kinds of parts. One other product that I really like for moving parts like base pins or 1911 slide is Gun Butter, not bore butter:wacko: Watch Todd Jarret run 1000 rounds as fast as he can:o I was glad to see how well Ballistol did on this fellers tests, except the smell part he didn't like:D


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  10. They left out one of the best "Bull Frog" the original salt water tested rust blocker, lubricant and cleaner. Tested in Alaska and by the Navy and Coast Guard. Been using their products for years here on the Carolina coast. Bull Frog Rusthunter Firearm Cleaner and Bull Frog Lubricant with Rust Blocker for every day use, Emitter Shield for the safe, tackle and tool box. Bull Frog Electronic Cleaner on all our heavy equipment and boats......git ya some yull like it;)



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  11. On 1/18/2017 at 11:01 AM, Chili Pepper Pete 11917 said:

    Funny about the Picture Wyatt posted, The gun is in backwards, Strange!!!


    That's the way Wyatt likes it:lol:

    On 1/18/2017 at 7:13 AM, Wyatt said:


    Wyatt!!:o  I thought you gave up them fancy cigars:wacko::ph34r:

  12. A few things I do like about this, the hover feature, it's easy reading and posting pictures.

    Q: Can our signature lines be recouped. On another thread, Misty said she would check it out

    Q: And the Quick Navigator is gone, can we get that back?? It made it real easy to go back and forth to the other SASS sites. If you mean the little box on the right of the forums list, I miss it too. Like I wrote earlier, I asked the office staff to have someone monitor this thread. This is something I hope gets restored.

    Q: Can our notes be found. I had several notes in the profile section from when I first started. A couple of them were from Driftwood Johnson and J Mark Flint with some  early BP tips. Others were rules interpretations  from PW with examples. Help, tech support!


    03/11/2017 Saturday: Signatures were restored this morning (last night?).

  13. Red Dot is more temp sensitive than most.


    Huh?? :huh: Never heard or seen that before, and I know alota folks that use Red Dot, and some that load right at min. Red Dot is a clean fast burning powder, not position or temp sensitive. They have to be loading way below min to get it to act like Rangers. I load Red Dot in all my smokeless stuff .38, .45, 44/40, 45acp, 12 ga....never a problem.....but I prefer BP :D Good Luck :)


    Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy

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