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  1. IMHO Peitta is your best bet if Rugers don't fit your hands, I prefer the Colt stlye. Be carefull when selecting the model, they also make a model with transfer bar just like Uberti started making the retractable firing pin. EMF and Cimarron are importers. The Cimmarron model is called the Frontier, I own two of those in .357 for SASS and two EMF Great Western II .45s for CFDA, or SASS backups. The Frontier came with reduced springs installed, don't know if they still do it. I installed spring kits in the EMF, very happy with both. I had one bolt spring break on a GWII, that's after thousands and thousands of rounds of CFDA rough treatment. I always carry an extra set of springs anyhwo. Good Luck "Californian" - EMF Company, Inc. (emf-company.com) JefroRelax-Enjoy
  2. Win. Pink wads - 7/8oz shot - 45gr Schuetzen ffg BP JefroRelax-Enjoy
  3. Don't forget about Wyatt. WWWD See
  4. If you need something now Ace Hardware, 2 cans for 6$. Great spray pattern and good coverage. The tip is adjustable for back and forth or up and down. Good Luck
  5. Nice, I've been planning something like that for my lead melting and casting stuff, only a good bit larger.
  6. Just had mine checked, it was an 8. Doc seemed to not be concerned. I melt scrap lead, pour at least four calibers, RO, and dry tumble. Just bought a big box of nitrate gloves I'll wear when cleaning guns. Keeps my hands soft
  7. Because the differant brands of BP can vary in weight for the same volume. Load it, press it, crimp it. A Few Photos Illustrating How to Determine Powder Compression (cascity.com) JefroRelax-Enjoy
  8. Yep, several years ago I bought my RI 1911 there for WB for a very good price. There is also pair of 45s listed, perfect for SASS or CFDA. Good Luck
  9. Buffalo Bros. has a good selection of grips, but I don't know if they have wood. Good Luck Buffalo Brothers Cowboy Store
  10. Yep, I made both of mine for five rounds 38/57 & 44/40. Much easier to handlle for me. Good Luck
  11. It's listed under another name. Missouri Hillbilly Sweep: Posted by Missouri Marshal (SASS#50682, VA). Ten shots on four targets, 1-1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1-1. Think of this as a Nevada Sweep, but with double taps on the end targets
  12. Yep, I like it, seems like an easy progression on five targets. I'm gonna keep it
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