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  1. Big Lube 44/40, FFG for filler. No lube for shotgun needed. Good Luck
  2. What a great friend and ambassador to SASS, he will be surely missed. A couple of months ago some members installed a plaque declaring the cowboy range "Dodge City Dude Territory". Prayers up for family and friends.
  3. I have Captoe shoes for dress up Dan is very talented, he makes all his own outfits and leather. He even made me a man bag with my name on it.
  4. Huh I use that new fangled stuff "Hot Water" down the tubes, spray a little Murphy's, push any remaining plastic out with one paper towel. Finish with a little Ballistol
  5. Red Dot for all my smokeless stuff. 38, 44/40, 45Colt, 45acp, 12ga. Good Luck
  6. This is a cut & paste from CAS City a few years ago for real BP and Ballistic Products wads. Good Luck Howdy Two-Bits, I shoot a load similar to Noz wtih the Pink wad. Again as others have said the Win WAA 12R (CB 1138-12) is good for about 60-65gr and 1 1/8oz shot. I prefer to use a little less BP and have found several wads that fit all my needs. Besides the Win Pink wad there are several short shell wads from BPI that really work well. Short Shell #72SSW 1 1/8oz - 54-57gr ffg with BPI short wad #72SSW..........my favorite for big matches Helix #18 1oz - 48-50gr ffg with BPI Helix Driver #18.......another big match favWAA12SSL 7/8oz - 43-45gr ffg with Win Pink wad AA12SL (CB1100-12).......my local fav Helix #21 7/8oz - 45-47gr ffg with BPI Helix Driver #21......works good with the new two piece AA hullsJefro Relax-Enjoy
  7. Another popular method is to have shooting lens for front sight, other lens for me was normal script with bifocal. Eye doc knew just what I wanted. Now I can read stages and still see without having to swap glasses. Good Luck
  8. I use Publisher then convert to PDF. Marauder's site has helpful hints and some icons in Excel that can be copied to Publisher and elsewhere. Good Luck Cowboy Action Stage Design (homestead.com) JefroRelax-Enjoy
  9. Razor knife. Even though I know most of the brand names w/stamp and shapes, some of the zinc ones are getting so close to look alike.
  10. I sure hope the 44/40 is being considered.
  11. Yep, this is a good load for Red Dot. Mec #26 = 14gr. Mec #27 = 15gr that and a gray wad with 7/8oz shot. I use Red Dot for all my smokeless stuff 38/357, 44/40, 45Colt, 45acp and 12ga. Good Luck
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