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  1. I looked forever. Then a guy on Gunboards sold me two boxes. I have heard that Magtech will run more in April.
  2. I am selling several guns I got from an estate. I am basing the asking price on comparable sales completed/sold on GunBroker. I will send detailed photos to anyone interested in any of the guns. Will entertain reasonable offers before listing on Gunbroker, as I am committed to getting a fair market value. PLEASE make sure your FFL will accept guns from private individuals. If not, you will need to add $30 for my FFL to ship. 1 (Sale on Hold Awaiting Magazine). Remington 742 Woodsmaster. This is the Deluxe BDL Model (modified price based on new information). Probably mid-late 60s
  3. FREE 20 Gauge crimp thingies (Don't even know why I have these). Maybe someone can use them. Just let me know where to send.
  4. I will take the mini 14 pending photos and overall description of condition. PM sent.
  5. GONE TO 40CHEV. Or even a bad one. Twenty-four (24) .38 S&W cases. Five (5) are nickel. Also 5 boolits. Just send me an address and I will send them to you. Just pay it forward when you can.
  6. It was originally a 16 gauge. The actions and barrels were all the same for 12 and 16 gauge Husqvarnas. If someone wanted it to be a shotgun again, it is possible that one of the roller parts guys has one they have taken off an action. Would require fitting.
  7. SOLD. A complete Husqvarna rolling block shotgun action with buttstock and keyed forestock. Barrel was deactivated via chamber plugged with welding media and hole drilled in chamber. This process did not compromise integrity of receiver, as it would not reach a high enough temp. Gunsmith can use stub to determine thread pitch. Barrel tapers from 1.1" at receiver to .9" at front of forestock. Buttplate needs reshaping (too long at toe). A couple of easily replaceable buggered screws, but otherwise solid and nice for a custom build. Although these were produced from 1880s to after 1900, the imp
  8. I think the one on ebay had much better mounts than what came with it. I had one of these on an Italian Sharps percussion rifle about 30 years ago and it would not hold its setting after a single shot. Just sitting there it looked cool, though.
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