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  1. Tucson John on here offered me one on a trade. He may still have it.
  2. LOL! That is how I have been selling guns on Facebook. Rehome!
  3. Yes. Thanks. I have been meaning to update listing. Comps are up and down.
  4. Yep. Your lubed Minie' showed the mist promise. Obviously, I have not done any serious load development.
  5. Also, .30 Remington can be blown out to .32, if you can find that brass.
  6. You will probably need to reload. I had a .32 and ended up there. I don't believe anyone makes it anymore. Graff makes custom ammo. Might check there. Worth it. The Model 8 is a fantastic woods rifle.
  7. SOLD This is an extremely well cared for Model 94 Winchester made in 1957. It is chambered in the venerable .30-30 cartridge. SN is 2272***. It had been fired very little, if at all, when I got it and I have put maybe 50 rounds through it at the range. Never been in the woods with me. Both bluing and wood would rate 98% and that is being conservative. It comes with a vintage Weaver 2.5x scope with post and crosshair reticle. The mount is of more recent vintage. Will come with correct front sight hood. Hard to upgrade this one. More photos available upon request. Asking $1200 SHIPPED for packa
  8. SOLD Never know what's hiding in the back of the safe! I had forgotten I had this. LOL. This is a fairly early ARMALITE AR7 Explorer, not one of the later Charter Arms or Henry. I would rate it overall GOOD. Composite barrel is flaking paint, which is typical for this vintage. Stock is generally good, but has a repair. Bore is VG. Comes with 3 magazines. Asking $290 SHIPPED to your FFL. Please make sure they will receive from private seller or additional $30 will be required for my FFL to ship. Photos up shortly.
  9. SOLD The culling of a long time collection continues. This is an interesting military rolling block from the early metallic cartridge period. It is referred to as a Transformed Model. It started life as a Model 1863 Springfield. 58 musket. Springfield Armory took hundreds of these muskets and converted them using rolling block actions. This one is chambered in .58 Berdan CF. Most went to state militias. This one unmarked. Rifle is in overall Good Antique condition. Originally in the white, it has an overall brown patina. There is minor pitting here and there, but nothing serious. The three gro
  10. You got it. I will mark as sold. But will send pics to your email before you commit.
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