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  1. SOLD This is a nice example of the classic Stevens Model 44 single shot lever action rifle in .25-20SS. It is in overall very good vintage condition. The frame has some faded case colors. Block, hammer and trigger retain generous amount of blue. The 26" octagon to round barrel retains approximately 80%+ blue, turning plumb and with areas of thinning. Bore has very sharp rifling, but needs a good cleaning. There is a visible bulge in the barrel 9" from muzzle. I have been told that there is plenty of post bulge bore to stabilize the bullets. Or, this could be a great candidate to sleeve to .32-20 or even .38 Special. Sights are standard buckhorn rear and drift adjustable blade front. Stocks would rate Good + with no cracks and minor dings and scratches. A nice survivor that needs a new lease on life. Ships to C&R or FFL. Make sure your FFL will receive from private seller or add $25 to shipping for my FFL to ship. $475 SHIPPED! via USPS Priority insured.
  2. SOLD This is a good rifle to use for side matches or hunting at closer ranges. It started life as one of the original Remington rolling blocks sent to Sweden to become the M67. Later it was sporterized for hunting. It is chambered in 12.7x44R. Formed brass available from several sources. Bullet diameter in same range as Trapdoor .50-70s. A chamber cast or slugged bore will tell. Can use .50-70 dies to reload cases formed to your chamber. The bore in the 31.5" barrel is Very Good for one of these, with minor pitting here and there. Deep sharp rifling and bright. Finish mostly gone. Needs a new mainspring, $30 from www.rollingblockparts.com and rear sight. Wood is free of cracks. Could use refinishing. A great and economical way to get into rolling blocks. Did I say Firm at $350 + shipping? Firmish, was more correct. Yowzabout $325 + Shipping.
  3. SOLD This is a generally very nicely maintained Spanish made Percussion CVA Mountain Rifle in .54. The 32" barrel has a 1:60 something twist and mirror bore. Shot very little. Metal has fading browned finish. Wood is generally very good with the exception of a hairline crack behind lock and small chip behind tang. Some small dings on underside of buttstock. Nice rifle in a desirable caliber. $400 SHIPPED.
  4. SOLD This Pietta Smith .50 Carbine appears unfired, based on close inspection and swabbing areas you would expect to find residue. Exterior metal had a dirty film on it, making me think it was a display piece. Maybe store rack inventory. Otherwise, metal near 100%. Wood is excellent with one noticeable ding in buttstock. See photo. Everything locks up tight, but is stiff- like an un-broken-in gun would be. Bore is pristine. There was some stiff factory grease in bore. Hard to find CW breechloading carbine ready for that next NSSA event. $1200 SHIPPED. More photos available.
  5. SOLD Maybe for Plainsman? Not sure what model this is. Older Uberti plains style rifle. Similar to CVA Trade Rifle, I suppose. NOT their Santa Fe Hawken. It has a 29.5" barrel with 1:60 something twist. So a round ball gun. Bore is bright and shiny. No rust or pits. Has a nice replacement Buckhorn rear sight. Stocks have only minor use marks. LOP is 14.25". Overall in very good condition. $425 SHIPPED!
  6. I got your last one. Probably need to clean out my mailbox.
  7. PM Sent. Howdy. If you can wait a week for payment, I will take it. Dusty
  8. Charlie: The mags were designed to take .30-06, .25-06, .35 Whelen, .280 Rem., and .270. All have same parent body.
  9. SOLD CONVERSION CYLINDER SOLD I am pretty sure that this Pietta 5.5" 1860 Sheriff model is unfired. No residue in chambers/bore and no turn line. Nipples clean. It is also very stiff. Arbor needs polishing on leading end and wedge slot is tight. Generally excellent condition other than some marks from taking wedge out, apparently, and a cluster of inexplicable dings on left side of barrel. Grips have minor handling marks. Vivid case color on frame. These seem to be out of stock most places. $275 SHIPPED.
  10. SOLD Two unmarked, generic magazines for the Remington 7400 series of rifles (742, etc.). They hold four rounds. The mags were designed to take .30-06, .25-06, .35 Whelen, .280 Rem., and .270. All have same parent body. Both are in very good condition. $75 SHIPPED.
  11. SOLD As New/New Old Stock Stoeger Double Defense SxS. Excellent UNFIRED condition. No blemishes. Includes the top and bottom rail. 20" ported barrels with fiber optic front sight. In the original box with all paperwork. $650 Shipped.
  12. SOLD This is a real attractive ca. 1850s halfstock target rifle. Its 32" barrel has likely been rebored to .42 in modern times with a bore averaging .426/.438. Bore is minty bright! A .420 ball and .012 patch has been suggested for this bore. Twist is ca. 1:66. Finish is turning plumb. Rear sight is Winchester 96A and front is a Lyman globe with post. Walnut stock is in very good condition, with the exception of some minor chips around lock. The areas at front of the lock are from hammer rubbing. Two chips are near rear of lock. Has a poured pewter nosecap, cheekpiece and brass furniture and inlays. Lock, barrel and brass all have some really well executed engraving. Rear trigger has to be set to cock. Replacement hammer had some play, but a thin copper washer put it right. The nipple is brass and my wrenches are too big to get it out without making a mess of it. It will not accept 10 or 11 caps and should be replaced. Very nice quality antique rifle almost ready for the range. Asking $725 SHIPPED.
  13. NICE! You might have better luck on the muzzleloading forum here: The Muzzleloading Forum I think someone would jump right on that beauty.
  14. Mail moving slow. The long one is still on its DeJoy Ride. The 18" scopes are great for SS hunting rifles.
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