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  1. SOLD Really decent condition Remington Model 34 in .22 Short, Long and Long Rifle. It has a 24" barrel and is tube fed. These were made between 1932 and 1935. Metal butt plate. Smooth wood stock and front foregrip. Blued guard, receiver, magazine tube and barrel. Rear right side of receiver serrated safety switch. No rear sight. Has a front fixed blade intact. Mounted with a vintage Lyman 438 Field scope with a fine duplex reticle and clear glass. Good to Very good condition with scuffs and scratches to wood, mostly on underside of butt near toe, and minor metal oxidation. Clean rifled bore. I have been able to shoot this rifle today. It cycles and fires both LR and Short with no trouble. Seems an accurate rifle as well, with scope adjustments needed. Must ship to a C&R or FFL holder. $550 Shipped.
  2. Stare deeply into the lustrous metal. Gaze longingly at the flawless wood. Imagine if the box was big enough to crawl into, wrapping yourself in the factory plastic for a nap (OK. Maybe not a good idea to crawl into an oil soaked plastic bag). Imagine yourself flipping through the User's Manual.
  3. SOLD This is an Excellent, near mint Taylor/Uberti Whitneyville Dragoon. The gun was fired (one cylinder), thoroughly cleaned and used as a display. Only the most insignificant handling marks with exception of small scuff at heel of grip frame. Comes in factory box with paperwork, plastic wrap and soft Taylor's pistol case. $415 SHIPPED
  4. SOLD. This is a Navy Arms Hawken Hunter rifle in .58 caliber. It dates from the early 1970’s and was actually made for Navy Arms by Ithaca. This is one bruiser of a gun. Val Forgett, founder of Navy Arms took one to Africa and hunted The Big Five dangerous game with it. It is rifled for conical projectiles, with a1:48” twist. Wide, shallow rifling like a Springfield rifled musket. Condition is overall Good Plus. The walnut stock is in good shape, with the exception of a solidly repaired crack at tang. This was a common problem, as many people taking them down assumed they had a hooked breech like Hawkens. So they removed the barrel wedge and lifted, cracking where the tang screw went through stock. I have added an extra reinforcement of a seel pin. Length of pull is 13-1/4” from the center of the crescent buttplate to the trigger. Overall length is 42”. The heavy 27" octagonal barrel is 1-1/8” across the flats, and quite thick-walled, which makes this gun muzzle heavy. Barrel retains over 90% blue with some freckling and edge wear. The total weight is 8-1/2 pounds, which moderates the recoil quite a bit. The bore is good plus with minor pitting. The rear sight can be adjusted for elevation and windage. Brass blade front sight. It has a single trigger (not a set trigger). Brass tipped steel ramrod. A scarce rifle. $425 SHIPPED!
  5. REDUCED This Marlin Camp 9 rifle is in near perfect condition, with exception of a few minor safe dings on stock. Very clean. Possibly unfired. It is, of course, 9mm. Uses S&W magazines. Comes with one extended mag. Factory magazine not present. Has a 16.5" barrel and weighs 6.75#. These were made from 1985 to 1999. $675 SHIPPED to your FFL. Add $20 if they won't receive from private party. More photos available.
  6. SOLD. This is a solid, though holster-worn Ruger Old Army made in 1974. Functions fine. Good bore and chambers. Original grips long gone. Had Hogue grips (included) when traded to me, and I put pretty good fitting logo grips from Ruger Wrangler on. $500+shipping.
  7. Yep. Brain fart omission on my part. Correcting.
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