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  1. Griff is correct - the cost of entry turns a lot of potential shooters off. That is the comment from many potential shooters I have talked to when they have visited a match.
  2. PWB - picture I sent you on Sep 14, 2012 shows your approved way to have a single cartridge available for a rifle reload on a shooters pants belt.
  3. Allie - I believe a better word in this case is "gender".
  4. As you described the Stage, there are two pistol strings. If you say nothing about staging pistols, then the first pistol must be holstered per stage conventions. If you state "make pistol safe", then the shooter has the option of staging or holstering the pistol.
  5. I would buy what I have and currently shoot: A pair of Lassiter short stroked Ruger Bisley Revolvers in .38 cal. An Evil Roy short stroked 1873 short rifle in .38 cal. An original 1897 12 gauge shotgun (parkerized) A set of Longer Hunter Holsters and belt (cross draw) A 12 gauge shotgun belt by Badwater Bill. Shooting gear is like underwear. Wear what is comfortable !
  6. Yes, Missouri Marshall still teaches RO I & RO II in Virginia. Contact email: missourimarshal@cox.net
  7. How about just letting folks use the vocabulary they wish with out censorship !
  8. A Velcro "fly" closure is even legal if it is not visible when employed.
  9. When I started SASS, the Rule seemed to be: From a few feet away - if the guns, clothes, accessories, etc look like Cowboy - then they are Cowboy. This seemed to work fine, as SASS is not a "period correct" game.
  10. without the hammer loop, pants seem to be just rust colored jeans ?
  11. Misty; My recollection is there was some fee associated with non-SASS members as part of a Club's membership. My recollection is all of our Club's membership were polled to verify whether all were SASS members in good standing. If my recollection is correct, then this may be what Little Rob is addressing.
  12. We have had potential new shooters. We lend them some firearms, leather and ammo. After a few months they acquire all of their own firearms, leather, etc and join SASS. This is called Marketing !
  13. Misty - best I can tell, you are doing a good job and you have the support of the great majority of the members. Sooner rather than later, you need to put in place a functional redesigned business plan for sustainability, post the Founders while some are still available to assist. Seems you are trying. But it is difficult to detect progress. Take care
  14. skipped a i in that address,


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