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  1. On ‎9‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 2:54 PM, Mr w said:

    I could use the stock if it’s still available 

    PM sent.  Stock is yours.


    M. W couldn't use it after all.  Still available for shipping.


  2. I have up for grabs a really short '97 stock.  This was on a gun I traded for and would be great for a small person or youth.  Original stock.  No cracks, no butt plate.  Wood measures 10 & 1/2 in long from butt to receiver.  Yours for shipping.  Should fit in a med one rate box.


  3. There are a number of molds available, but, in my experience, you will be better served using round balls. They will seat better, load easier, and shoot straighter than a conical. The above is IMHO. Enjoy yer new toys.


  4. A 200 count bag of 250 gr, gas checked, smokeless lubed commercial cast bullets (don't remember who cast them). I have gone to Holy Black, so I won't shoot these anymore. $25.00 shipped in a one rate box.



    Knew I forgot sumptin'. .378 dia.

    SOLD to cowrustler Pending.



  5. Rolan, I take umbrage at that remark. I am A LIFE member, have been since their (SASS) earlier financial distresses', when I opted in for the life to help out. The use of the forum site and an ad filled chronicle seems to be the only perks I get from them nowdays.


    And in answer to the question, what does an annual have to do in reguard to the fees?? If you don't put one on, they aren't interested in you or your club. I know this from personal contact with the HQ. And yes, I have assisted in putting on a major shoot. Yes, it is a lot of work.


    Lone Star Frontier Shooting club/CVV are class shooting groups and have the premier shooting facility in North Texas IMHO. Shot there many times, but health has kept me away the last too many months.



    SASS Life

    TSRA Life

    NRA Endowment, Certified Rifle, Pistol, S/G, B/P instructor

    ASC Life

    Proudly served US Army, 2nd Armored Div.

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  6. The 7 to 8 stages above are all shot on 4 bays. The targets are set the afternoon before each monthly shoot (and the annual) and removed immediately following shooting.

    Again, well and good. BUT, our matches are shot on TWO bays, just changing scenarios, using the same target setups. We can't put anything on the range unless we are shooting it. We don't have the afternoon before the shoot to use the range. It is open to "casual" shooting by other club members. At the end of our shooting day, the range is again, turned over to casual shooting. We've explored this from every angle, and decided it isn't worth persuing. "Nuff said!! No annual. SASS Hq isn't interested in us, thus we aren't interested in them as our governing body. We still practice the "Cowboy Way", just don't pay them for the privlige.


  7. The club in Mesa, Az has the same issue but still puts on a yearly match all in one day. They shoot 7 or 8 stages, and give awards for stages plus SASS category awards. The have side matches before and after the 8 stages plus top gun shoot offs with a catered dinner to follow. Some of the stages are unique, one all shotgun, another all pistol with reloads, another all rifle with reloads. These 3 had some knockdowns. They all fell with 105 g bullets. They give out a number of prizes via drawing at the dinner, some pretty nice, like Dillon stuff, no guns.

    GCK, I laud the club for doing this. BUT, here again, crops up the problem we have. We have CAS range space for only 4 stages, and we get to use it ONE day a month, for approx. 6 hrs, and have to remove ALL targets etc from the range at the end of the shooting day. Pray tell me how we could put on an annual?? I asked the same question of SASS and received NO REPLY.

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  8. We are part of a much larger shooting club, and as such, have limited range use time. Thus, a multi day shoot is out of the question.

    Best to all, and a good shooting year ahead.


  9. 15 people in a yrs time can't come up with a 100 dollar bill? Sass advertises your club around the globe for starters.

    It wasn't the 100 bill, it was what we got for the 100. We were supposed to get periodic communications with HQ, names of new SASS members in our area, notices of local and regional happenings etc. What we got BEFORE the demand for the 100, NADA!!!! What we could expect after paying the "fee", more of the same, since we didn't sponsor an annual, we were ignored. I, personally, am a life member, and 12 of the rest are members, We still encourage joining, and support the larger local clubs. Just don't pay the tithe.

    Al (26238 Life)

  10. Our local club went "dark" when SASS demanded a min $100 yearly from our 15 members to remain on the "affiliated" list. Unfortunately, they offered us NOTHING in return. We are too small to have annual shoots, and struggle to maintain our insurance and equipment. Thus they had nothing to offer for the money demanded. We still shoot, still follow the "rules", and enjoy the comradrie without someone picking our pockets.


  11. I have found that , at gun shows, if the item is on the aisle side of the table, it is junk, if it is on the inside of the table, it is a treasure and priced accordingly. I just don't go to any of them anymore. You see the same crap, just at a different dealers table, at a higher price than last time it surfaced.

    My musings


  12. Bonds are fine pieces, but hardly what I'd call a derringer. They are almost as large as a Colt Combat Commander .45 ACP. That said, they are easier to control due to the size and weight. BUT, they are costly for what you will use one for. Sold mine after 4 years of no use.


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