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  1. I have been using my IAC for years. It is bone stock. Broke a pin on the lever once. At the Maine state, on the last shot of the last stage. Pin replaced. has been working fine ever since.
  2. The stock fit does make a difference. I have a 45/ 70 load I like. Speer 400 gr flat point pushed by 52 grs 3031. I have 2 Marlin 1895's. 1 pistol grip and 1 straight stock. The felt recoil is very different between the 2. There Used to be a cowboy shooter there in new england, alias, Vittles. He also liked to shoot rifles with heavy recoil. He used to shoot a 458 Lott. If his neck wasn't all bloodshot he thought something was wrong. Me, I don't want anything bigger than 45/70. properly loaded and proper bullet placement it should be good for anything here in the lower 48. i
  3. maybe I will be able to meet you at HOW now that I moved from Maine to Wyoming
  4. I was only referring to the caliber. ruger pistols with 45acp cyl ect.
  5. B-Western ANY SASS legal ammunition may be used. Shooters handbook page 8
  6. I have an IAC I use for my main match gun. It is all stock. It is fun. Good thing I'm not fast.
  7. I don't know if this helps but I went and got mine out of the safe. It has the same rear sight, the same ramrod, and the same cartouche (except mine is 1892). Mine does not have a hooded ft sight. The Serial # is 5581xx. the serial # is just behind the trap door and cannot be read without opening. I don't believe it has been modified as it has been family owned for generations. I got it from my wifes Grandfather.
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