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  1. Welcome! As they say in SASS, you come for the shooting but you stay for the nice people you will meet. Good luck and have fun. 


    If I may offer some advice. Go to a few matches before you buy anything and look at the various guns and whatnot. Ask to try out a rifle or shotgun that you like. Most shooters are very generous and will let you shoot a few rounds to see if you like that particular thing. Too many times a new shooter shows up with new gear that doesn't really work for them so it is best to try before you buy.

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  2. SKB 200E with full Johnny Meadows action job. I spared no expense when I had Johnny work this gun over. Barrels shortened to 22" because Johnny feels that is the best length, Stay-open mod, mechanical trigger, nice recoil pad, big bead front sight, etc. I can't remember if he lengthened the forcing cones or not. I have had a bunch of SKB's and it is one of the nicest ones I've had which is why I hung on to it. But it's been living in my safe for several years and it quit paying rent so it's time to go!


    I would like $1450 shipped. Not interested in trades at this time.










  3. Howdy Pards! I have a DVD by Steve's Gunz on how to: 

    Disassemble, Clean, Modify and Reassemble the Rossi 92 Like a Pro!


    I watched it one time and now I'm an expert on the Rossi 92 so I don't need it anymore. I will sell it for $10 shipped. 




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