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  1. Howdy Cholla


    I saw your post on the SASS Wire wanting dillon 550 tool head and .38/.357 dies. I have a new in the box Lee 3 die carbide set in .38, used dillion tool head and maybe a cartridge conversion kit, but I will have to check to see if I have an extra conversion kit. I have to go out of town tomorrow and will not be able to check what all I have until I get back in town on Sun. If you are interested, send me a message.




  2. Howdy 


    I have an old, not sure of the year, Crescent double barrel with external hammers in 16 ga. It is complete with triggers/hammers that work. If you are interested it would be $150 shipped to you. Let me know if this will work for you. Merry Christmas




  3. Howdy Mike


    I am not sure if you remember me, but I bought a SS OMV in .44 from you a couple of years ago. Still have the gun and very happy with it. Anyway, I have a 16ga hammered double barrel all matching numbers. It was an old farmer's gun. It is all there, but loose from being shot. If interested I would take $135 plus shipping. Let me know and I can send pics and other info. My phone # is 618-201-4973. 




    1. Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

        Any idea what shipping would be?  My Zip is 98258


    2. Safecracker Solon, #69206

      Safecracker Solon, #69206

      I can check if you are interested. I am not sure if it has to go through an FFL as it is an old one. Let me chjeck and I will get back to you.

    3. Safecracker Solon, #69206

      Safecracker Solon, #69206

      Howdy Mike


      I went to the Post Office and the shipping would be $35 to $45 depending on the size of box I ship it in. It has to be shipped to an FFL. Are you an FFL? If you are interested, I will do $150 shipped to you. Let me know.



  4. Mary Glad to hear you and HH can make it. See you there.
  5. Here is the link to the event: http://www.kaskaskiacowboys.com/sparta_summer.html Round count for the Wild Bunch will be 70 Pistol, 40 Rifle and 24 Shotgun as we hope to shoot 4 stages if time allows. Lead goes down range at 1:00 for Friday's Wild Bunch side match and Warm up match. Same day sign ups are welcome, but a call would be appreciated if you are coming. Hope to see you there.
  6. Howdy AH


    I saw on the SASS Wire you might have some leather for a buckaroo. I have two grandsons who are just starting. I have belts, but need two strong side holsters that will fit Heritage Rough Rider revolvers with 4.75" barrels. Do you have any left? I have shotgun slide, but might need a shotgun belt also.




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    2. Arkansas Harper SASS #33169

      Arkansas Harper SASS #33169

      They are shipped.  If they are too tight for your pistols, soak them in water for a couple of minutes, wrap the pistols in plastic wrap and insert into the holsters. Leave them until the leather dries. No harm to the guns, no harm to the leather.

    3. Safecracker Solon, #69206

      Safecracker Solon, #69206

      I got the holsters toady and could not be happier. They look great and fit very well with the Heritage .22s! The grandsons will be happy to have them. They will be using them the first Sat of the month. Thank you so much for giving them to me! I would guess you know Mace Bishop. I used to shoot with him when he lived up this way. Tell him howdy form me. 



    4. Arkansas Harper SASS #33169

      Arkansas Harper SASS #33169

      Mace is once of the hardest working fastest shooting cowboys that I have the pleasure of knowing and shooting with.  We also enjoy shooting with Daff E Dill his wife.


      Regards:  Harper

  7. Howdy Widder


    I know you are doing a lot with Henry lever .22s. I am thinking of buying one, but there are many different models. Is there a difference in them other than the cosmetics? round versus octagenal barrel, brass, silver, blued receivers, etc. The ones I have looked at have what look like die cast carriers, etc. I have looked at Henry, Browning, Mossberg, and Chiappa. Browning seemed the best made, but at double the price of a Henry. How has the Henry held up with use as I am thinking of getting one for two brothers to use for CAS? I would appreciate your input on what to buy.


    Safecracer Solon 

    1. Widder, SASS #59054

      Widder, SASS #59054

      Howdy Safecracker.


      As for the .22 LR Henry internals, they are all the same.  The outer hood is the difference.

      Mine and a couple others which I have worked on since last summer, are holding up great after 2500+ rounds.

      Even though some of the internals of the Henry .22 are not steel, they are made as good as any rifle I have handled, which include the Marlin 39 and Browning lever .22


      Billy the Avenger has a VERY NICE Marlin 39 that is very slick and smooth.   But after he handled my Henry last summer at Black Gold, he bought a Henry and had me set it up for him, along with the Slater trigger job.


      My turn around time is roughly ONE day.  Slater needs another day for his trigger work and then its shipped quickly back.


      I don't ask for any payment until you receive the rifle back and find it worthy.  If ya don't like it, ya don't pay for it..... except for the returned shipping.


      My 'Soft Stroke' mod:  $65

      Slater trigger work:   $30

      Shipping:   ?


      If you decide to get one, I would like for you to shoot it first to insure it functions good from the factory.  

      Then when you get it back from me, you will feel a noticeable difference.


      If you want to call me, I can be reach anytime at:

      865 / 696-1996  or   865 / 336-2339


      Thanks for your inquiry.




    2. Widder, SASS #59054

      Widder, SASS #59054



      feel free to email me.   I normally check my emails more so than the SASS Wire. 







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