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  1. Those would look really cool. But I would suggest replacing them with safety glasses when the shooting starts. Unless you don’t value your eyesight. Not trying to sound snarky.
  2. Looks like you’re trying to get Purly’s special marks off again. You might as well just give them back to him.
  3. Looks like something you would see in New Orleans.
  4. Seems like it was more than a 1/4”. I do remember that a few tons of gravel disappeared.
  5. Years ago I found a recipe for slow cooker lasagna and that’s the only way the wife will make it now.
  6. Weather forecast is 45 - 73 degrees and sunny. Come out and have fun. The Borderline Bad Girls do a bang up job!
  7. I believe only not allowed in frontiersman. I have one and like it.
  8. Leathersmith Posted 4 hours ago BEWARE: I was contacted by Satrk980 an hour after they joined and offered the hard-to-find revolver I’m looking for. He gave me an email to use and then emailed me pictures that were lifted off an auction site. Granted, it was a rather weak attempt at a scam, but since BP pistols can be shipped person to person, I could see how somebody could fall for it, wire the money, and wait for a gun that never arrives. Ho do we get this joker removed? He said he has what I’m looking for also.
  9. Thanks Snakebite. If you ever have the privilege to do business with Snakebite, you definitely don't have to have any concerns about it. He had the rig in the mail before he even sent me his contact info. And it arrived almost before I could get payment in the mail. Double Barrel
  10. You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish.
  11. Snakebite, Depending on barrel length and revolver fit, I'll take it. Double Barrel Per PM, I will take it.
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